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FM200 Fire Suppression System

fire suppression system

FM200 Fire Suppression System is a wireless firefighting system. FM200 fire suppression system is widely available for protecting the people and property from any critical data from fire hazards. FM-200 is stored as a liquefied compressed gas discharged into the protected area as a vapor. This system discharges chemicals in 10 seconds and smothers the combustible material, liquids, and other chemicals before they bring about significant damages. it extinguish the fire by using only a small amount of agent. After extinguishing it does not leave any residue. It is ideal to use in occupied spaces. It discharges FM200 gas which is a mixture of carbon, fluorine, and hydrogen. This quick discharge of extinguishing chemical extinguish the fire immediately by removing the heat elements. When the fire is extinguished quickly, it means fire causes less damage to the property and lives. This system can save the repairing cost of the owner of the business. It is most commonly used to protect the essential assets of the company on which the survival of the company depends.  

FM200 Fire Suppression System can extinguish the different classes of fires. Classes of fire that can be extinguished by FM 200 Fire Suppression System are given below.

A Class Fires :

The fire is caused by solids such as wood, textile, plastic, and rubber.

B Class Fires:

B Class fires includes the fire which is caused by flammable liquids, solvents, and paints.

Class C:

The Fire is caused by combustible gasses.

Due to the quick and convenient extinguishing results, this system is used widely in places. The list of these places are as following:

  • Data Centers.
  • Computer Rooms. 
  • Telecommunication facilities.
  • UPS Rooms.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Facilities containing expensive equipment.
  • Museums.
  • Historical archive storage.
  • Art galleries.

FM200 Fire Suppression System Specifications

Medium                                    :           Cylinder

Extinguishing Agent              :           FM200 Gas

Pressure of the Agent            :              424 psi

Material of Cylinders             :           Steel

Density of gas                          :           621kg/m3

Activation Time                      :           10 seconds

Frequency of Alarm sound    :           120 dB

Components of Fire Suppression System

This system contains a number of cylinders of different sizes. The number and sizes of cylinders depending on the volume and covered area of the building. Nozzles of different sizes are also provided with the system. they offer maximum flexibility to tailor each system design according to the location they protect. Suppliers offer maximum flexibility to tailor each system design according to the requirement of the location.

The general components of this system are as following:

(1) FM-200 Storage Components:

This component contains cylinders that carry a chemical agent (FM-200) and a cylinder bracket that holds the cylinders. 

(2) FM-200 Distribution Components:

Distributions components contain discharge nozzles for spreading the chemical agent into the source of the fire. The piping system is associated with nozzles, this piping system connects the nozzles to the cylinders. 

(3) Trim Components:

Trim components consist of an electric valve actuator and the manual valve actuator.

(4) Supplemental Components:

Supplemental components incorporate switches for checking pressure and valves. These valves and switches complete the installation of cylinders.

(5) Control Panel: 

The control panel controls the working of the electric actuator, warning devices, the pressure of the cylinder, etc. All electronic devices should be connected to this panel for proper functioning. 

(7) Early Warning Detection and Alarm Devices:

Warning devices increases the efficiency of the system through audio and visual alarm signal to alert the people about fire. 

What is inside the cylinders?

fm 200 extinguishing system contains FM200 gas. The gas is Heptafluoropropane and its chemical formula is (CF3CHFCF3). It is a mixture of carbon, fluorine, hydrogen and is a fast cleaning agent that has a number of advantages. The Fm200 is a colorless and eco-friendly fire suppressant. It is non-conductive in nature and nontoxic for human health. The concentration of the gas is 7.9% to 8.5%

How Does FM200 System work?

FM200 extinguish the fire by removing or absorbing the heat so that the combustible material cools down. It also prevents re-ignition. During Extinguishing the oxygen level does not fall to the point that is unsafe for human health.

When the system detects or triggers the fire the system discharges the gas through the network of pipe. This gas is a quick fire extinguishing agent and immediately suppress the fire. This gas efficiently suppresses the fire in just 10 seconds and saves the building from massive destruction. After extinguishing it does not leave any residual behind. This system disrupts the combustion when the agent changes from a liquid to vapor during discharge and suppress the fire. 

Advantages of FM200 Fire Suppression System

The main advantages of this firefighting system are as following:

  1. A small amount of agent is required to extinguish the fire. 
  2. The time for extinguishing the fire is only 10 seconds, which means it can quickly control the fire and thus saves the building and people from further damage.  
  3. The procedure for the refilling of the cylinder is very easy, simple, and affordable. 
  4. The chances of error are very few.
  5. This system occupies less storage space than other types of firefighting equipment. 
  6. It is eco-friendly and does not provide any harm to the environment. It does not cause ozone depletion.  
  7. Suitable for protection on a range of high-value risks.

Features of FM200 Fire Suppression System

(1) Zero ozone Depletion:

This system does not deplete the ozone layer of our environment. 

(2) Human Safety:

It can be used in occupied areas. It has no toxic effect on human health. 

(3) Minimum Storage place:

It requires minimum space for its storage and this is a big advantage for the small offices.

Installation of FM200 Fire Suppression System

If the owner wants to install an FM200 fire suppression system in the building for the safety of the critical electronic devices.

Whiles installation following points must be followed:

  1. Testing and cleaning of the detectors.
  2. Verify shutdown and evacuation circuits.
  3. Checking of input and output circuit supervision.
  4. Visually inspect agent piping and nozzles.
  5. Check hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses.
  6. These steps are important to ensure before the system starts its operation. 

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