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CO2 5 Kg Fire Extinguisher

Co2 5 kg fire extinguisher is the type of extinguisher that contains CO2 gas as an extinguishing agent. It is suitable for factories, laboratories, and server rooms. Co2 fire extinguisher works effectively on Class B and electrical fire and does not leave any residue behind. Fire Extinguisher 5Kg Carbon Dioxide is supplied with a discharge hose and with horn and wooden handle.

CO2 Extinguisher is Available in different capacities such as
CO2 2Kg Fire Extinguisher.
CO2 3Kg Fire Extinguisher.
CO2 5Kg Fire Extinguisher.
CO2 7Kg Fire Extinguisher.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity                                :           5Kg

Extinguishing Agent            :           CO2

Operating Temperature    :           -20 to +60 °C

Pressure                               :           174 bar

Test Pressure                       :           250 bar

Volume of Equipment        :           7, 5 lt

Cylinder Height                   :           655±6,55 mm

Cylinder Diameter              :           138 ± 1,38 mm

Valve Material                     :           HPb59-1 (Nikel Plated)

Cylinder Material               :           34CrMo4

Safety Valve                         :           225±22,5 bar

Dimensions                         :           750 x 200 mm

Co2 5Kg Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Co2 fire extinguisher requires refilling every time users use it or after a year when the extinguishing expires. Fire extinguisher refilling is not a simple and easy task so; you should refill your extinguisher from any fire fighting company. 

CO2 5 Kg Fire Extinguisher Price in Pakistan

Co2 5kg fire extinguisher price depends upon many factors such as brand and the accessories client is demanding from us.

Do you want to purchase Co2 5kg fire extinguisher at an affordable price? 

Yes, you are at the right place, Universal fire Protection Co Pvt provides CO2 fire extinguisher at very affordable prices. You just have to contact us; our team members will send you a quotation within a short period of time. 

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