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halotron fire extinguisherHalotron fire extinguisher is a special kind of fire extinguisher that discharges a non-conductive rapidly evaporating liquid on the fire and efficiently smother it leaving no residue behind. Halotron fire extinguisher contains a special type of gas that interrupts the chemical reaction that occurs during the fire burning. One unique feature of this fire extinguisher is that it extinguishes the fire without damaging the assets of the building. It is used to shield valuable and important electrical equipment.

Although Halotron Fire Extinguisher is a clean agent that is user friendly and reliable, yet Halotron fire extinguisher price is slightly expensive than CO2 Fire Extinguisher. it can be used in different environments and is non-toxic.

It is ideal to extinguish the fire for many locations like:

  1. Data Centers.
  2. Military Electronics.
  3. Manufacturing Plants.
  4. General Office Areas.
  5. Telecommunication Facilities.
  6. Computer Rooms.
  7. Vehicles (including classic autos).
  8. Aircraft Industry.

Halotron Fire Extinguisher Specifications:


Capacity                                 :           2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 9kg, 14kg

Extinguishing Medium       :           Halotron
Propellant Gas                      :           Argon
Fire Rating                             :           8A/55B/C
Design Pressure                   :            8.63 Bar
Design Temperature          :           -20 degC to 60 degC
Hose Length                          :           440mm
Size                                          :           Dia 139 x 460(H)mm
Overall Weight                     :           6.53 Kg

Life Span                                :           12 years with a 6-month maintenance



What is in a Halotron Fire Extinguisher?

The extinguisher contains Halotron I as an extinguishing agent. Halotron I is a clean fire extinguishing agent mixed with tetrafluoromethane and argon as propellants and is used in both portable and handheld fire extinguishers. Halon is a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire by chemically disrupting combustion. It is one of the most widely used extinguishing agents because it can efficiently and rapidly extinguish the fire and protect the assets without leaving any residue behind. Halotron I is secure, effective and it does not provide any harm to the environment. It does not cause ozone depletion. It does not provide any harm to human health.


What is a Halotron Fire Extinguisher used for?

It is a good choice for most environments where the risk of fire is present. For many classes of fire, having a Halon fire extinguisher is important.

Halotron fire can ideally work on certain types of fires, these types of fire area s follow:


Class A Fire ( wood, paper, or textiles):

Class A fire is the most common class of fire and we all are familiar with this class of fire. This class of fire contains many ordinary combustibles like wood, fabric, paper, plastic, rubber, and trash. Class A fire occurs when the ordinary combustible materials reached their ignition temperature and burning starts at that stage. The flames continue burning as long as there is an excess of oxygen because the supply of oxygen is the major cause of ignition. Class A fire needs pressurized gas or water for the extinguishing process.


Class B Fire (Flammable Liquids, Greases):

B Class fire includes flammable liquids like gasoline, acetone, kerosene, grease, paint, and alcohols. Flammable liquids catch on the fire and start burning easily at normal working temperature. Once the class B fire starts, it is very challenging to control the fire and prevent its spreading. Class B fire involves nonmetal burning in a liquid state. Class B fire is a common hazard in industries that are dealing with lubricants and paints. We can extinguish this class of fire by simply cut off the supply of oxygen.



Class E (Energized Electrical Fire): 

Electrical Fire can originate from energized electrical equipment. It can start ignition in wires, cables, circuit breakers, and other electrical components. An electrical fire can start because of overloading on the circuits when the supply of electricity is inadequate. Electrical fires are often fueled by motors, appliances, and electronic transformers.





Halotron fire extinguisher has many unique features which makes it different from other types of extinguisher.

The key features of a halotron fire extinguisher are as following:


Lower Pressure:

The pressure of the halotron is very low (125 psi) which makes it a god extinguishing agent.


Pressure Gauge Included:

The extinguisher includes a pressure gauge that the extinguishing agent inside the cylinder is at the exact pressure which is helpful to ensure its accurate working in case of fire hazard.


User Friendly:

The extinguisher is very easy to use and involves no complex operation. Because of this user-friendly feature, it has a high demand.


Leaves no residue:

It contains a clean agent that does not leave any residue behind after its application and consequently does not provide any damage to the equipment of the premises.


Human Safety:

It is not toxic or threatening to human health because the agent does not contain any element that is harmful to the human.


Eco Friendly:

The extinguisher contains an extinguishing agent that is made from CFC free material and does not provide any harm to our environment. It does not deplete the ozone layer of our environment.


Rugged Design:

The cylinder of the fire extinguisher is made from durable material and has high gloss polyester powder paint.



Halotron Fire Extinguisher Price In Pakistan

If you want to purchase a halotron fire extinguisher at affordable prices then you must choose the right fire fighting equipment company, manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt is one of the market leaders because of its excellent quality Firefighting equipment suppliers in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore Pakistan. We provide a wide range of halotron fire extinguishers in different sizes at cheap prices across Pakistan. We provide Halotron Fire Extinguisher at very reasonable prices to all our commercial, residential, and governmental customers. Our fire alarm system includes manual call points and smoke and heat detectors of well-known laboratories.

We also provide our services for the maintenance and refilling of the Halotron Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan because our main goal is to protect our customers from fire hazards. We provide our customers with customized products that match the exact need of our customers.



Buy Halotron Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan

Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt is one of the well-known and competitive supplier of fire safety equipment in Pakistan. We provide a huge range of halotron fire extinguisher to ensure your safety and protection. We are here to make sure you get the exact type of fire extinguisher for your safety. It is sometimes very difficult to decide what type of extinguisher you need for your safety, no need to worry our helpful staff is always here for serving you and willing to talk to you and guide you about the products you need.

To get Halotron fire extinguisher price from Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt. Feel free to contact us to get the quotation.

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