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AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems

Inert Fire Suppression Systems

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems does not provide any damage to the equipment and electronic devices of the area where the fire breaks out. It prevents damage after a fire and protects the equipment throughout the extinguishing process. After being put out, it leaves nothing behind.
It is the best choice for protecting the area containing electronic equipment from the fire. It is the ideal extinguishing systems for protecting areas containing valuable assets. Akronex Inert Fire Suppression systems are available in the market with two different working pressures (200b bar & 300 bar).

The unique feature of the fire suppression system with a working pressure of 300 bar is that it requires fewer cylinders for protecting the environment. Therefore, the system needs less space for cylinder storage.We’re able to safeguard several different places using a single system. Refilling of the cylinder is convenient, we can refill it any time from any gas filling plant.

Product Specifications

Medium                                    :           Cylinder

Chemical Name                        :           Inert gas (Nitrogen, argon and CO2)

Critical temperature                :           -188.1°F

Critical pressure                       :           200 bar & 300 bar

Ozone Depletion Potential      :           0

Authorities approved              :           EPA, NFPA

Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System Usage

It is the best choice for protecting different kinds of environments, including:

  • Data Center (Telecommunication and Information Technologies)
  • Educational institutes.
  • Museum. 
  • CCTV Rooms
  • Health Industry.
  • Public Institutions.
  • Manufacturing Sector and Logistic Centers.
  • Oil, Gas, and Hydrocarbon Industry.
  • Energy Sector.
  • Wind Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, and Solar Power Plants.

What is inside the cylinders of Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System?

There is a drive toward the environment along with the rise in technological innovation. Various environmental organisations are more worried about the deteriorating consequences of technology on the environment. In this situation, inert gases are the ideal option because they are safe for the environment. On the other hand, inert gases don’t contribute to a fire and don’t endanger human health.

Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System includes a mixture of 4 types of gases. These gases are:

• IG-01 Argon 100%.

 • The Argon 50%, Nitrogen 50%.

 •Nitrogen IG-55 100%.

 • CO2 8%, IG541Argon 40%, Nitrogen 52%.

How Does Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System Works?

The fire continues to burn even when the fire triangle’s three elements are present. One of the components must be missing for the fire to be put out. It knocks out the fire by cutting off the supply of oxygen.

The mechanism reduces the oxygen level to the point at which it cannot support a fire, but it does not do so to the point at which it would cause suffocating.

Product Features

(1). Compliant System Design: 

AKRONEX Inert Gas Extinguishing System is designed in accordance with the TS EN 14005, ISO 14520, and NFPA 2001 standards.

(2). Human Safety:

The system is ideal to use in areas with human traffic. Because inert gasses work by removing the oxygen in the hazard to a point where it will not support fire, but still high enough to support life.

(3). Economical:

Akronex Inert Fire suppression system is an economical fire extinguishing solution. With the help of directional valves, we can protect multiple locations by using one system only.

(4). Easy Refilling:

The refilling of the cylinder is easy. Local facility for refilling can provide their services for refilling the cylinders.

The cost of refilling is lower than that of other extinguishing clean agents since it has the advantage of being reclaimable from the atmosphere.

(5). Leaves no residue:

As the system does not use any powder or water, so it does not produce any residue or waste. It uses gas for suppressing the fire and after the extinguishing process does not require cleaning services.

(6). Environmental Friendly:

It does not deplete the ozone layer and does not cause a greenhouse effect because the system does not use any gas that deteriorates our environment.

Fire Suppression Installation

Universal Fire Protection Company Pvt has a team of professionals that are serving to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our technical staff is pleased to provide a complete package of services for the installation of all types of the Fire Suppression System in Pakistan.

We have a team of certified fire suppression system installers who are properly trained and credible. Our team gives our customers exceptional quality services at affordable prices to make long-term business relations and sustain the position in this competitive environment.

Akronex Fire Suppression System Price in Pakistan?

Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System is a crucial system that every office must have to protect their workplace from fire hazards. Because loss of life and property is possible in any location where there is a risk of fire. In numerous aspects, the Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System is reliable, efficient, and affordable.Considering that loss of life and property is conceivable anywhere there is a risk of fire. The reliable and economical Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System excels in a number of areas.

Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt provide the best range of Fire suppression system at very affordable prices in Pakistan.

Universal Fire Protection Deals with AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression System, Clean Agent FM200, kitchen Fire Extinguisher System and other fire fighting, fire safety, and security equipment in Pakistan. We Provide Inert Fire Suppression Systems at a very low price in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi.

You can contact us to get a Alronex Inert Fire Suppression System price.

To order Akronex Inert Fire Suppression System, click the button below and fill the form according to your’s requirements. Our concerned person is currently responding to your email.

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