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3M Work Gloves

Universal Fire Protection provides 3M Work Gloves by which you can Protect your hands with the technology and craftsmanship of 3M Work Gloves. For decades, 3M has been a leader in innovative personal safety for the body, head, ears and now hands. These 3M work gloves provide comfort and dexterity for precision work, protection when handling sharp objects and extra grip in wet and oily applications. Whether your job is light, medium or heavy-duty, 3M has a work glove for you. Your hands are everything. Protect them with the 3M Comfort Grip Gloves and Gripping Material Work Gloves. And remember, the difference is in the grip.

3M Work Gloves Applications and Benefits

-Help protect hands during assembly and install, while maintaining dexterity
-Common uses for 3M Comfort Grip General Use and Winter Gloves: general material handling and handling small parts; electrical component assembly; carpentry, plumbing, roofing, and irrigation
-Common uses for 3M Comfort Grip Cut Resistant Gloves: handling abrasive or sharp materials; forming, bending or machining sharp parts; cable pulling and wire handling; cable preparation
-Common uses for 3M Gripping Material Work Gloves: factory and maintenance work, heavy equipment operation, outdoor construction

-A range of glove options for general and cut-resistant applications
-Lightweight, designed for comfort (“second skin” feel) and breathability
-Palm coating provides gripping power, even in wet or oily conditions
-Help prevent hand abrasions and cuts during cable splicing, conduit handling, metal stamping and fabrication (Cut Resistant Gloves)

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