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Reliable Riser Check Valve

Reliable Riser Check Valve

Reliable Riser Check Valve USA :

The Reliable Riser Check Valve and Riser Check Valve is a general-purpose fire protection system check valve. The valves have (hinge pin-up) or hinge pin-up vertical installation approval, grooved end connections, and a changeable faceplate.The Model CVE check valve incorporates a bronze seat and an EPDM-faced clapper. The Model CVE Riser Check Valve is designed to be utilised as a wet system riser or zone control and features two-inch ball valve main drain, supply, and system-side pressure gauges. Both factory-assembled and individual deliveries of the Riser Check trim are available.

Features :

  • Grooved End Connections.
  • Removable faceplate.
  • Approved for horizontal and vertical installation.
  • Non-slamming, spring-loaded clapper to minimize water.

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