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Ice Ball|Ball Fire Extinguisher

IceBall Fire Extinguisher

Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher is a self-activated firefighting device. This is a ball-shaped fire extinguisher. It becomes activate automatically without human assistance when comes in contact with the fire. It gives a warning sound of 100 dB. The extinguishing chemical that this ball contains is dry chemical powder. Its coverage area capability is more than 100 cubic feet. It is used to quencher fires involving solids, cloth, rubber, electricity, and combustible liquids. This firefighting tool has a life span of 60 months.

Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher is a more modern and intelligent tool used for extinguishing the fire. Iceball is an excelent choice for shielding your premises or property from a fire. This smart firefighting tool offers a more responsive approach to put out the fire. Iceball is the quickest and the convenient way of extinguishing the fire that’s why the demand for the iceball fire extinguisher in Pakistan is increasing day by day but Universal Fire Protection that deals with the lowest fire ball price in Pakistan.

Due to the convenient and user-friendly feature, this advanced firefighting device is in use in various places.

These places are given below:

  • Electrical Panel rooms.
  • Industrial warehouses.
  • Computer server rooms.
  • Banks.
  • Petrol pumps.
  • Hospital and health care clinic.
  • Restaurants.
  • Commercial offices.
  • Railways and bus stops.

Key Specifications

The key specifications of this fire products are as following:

  • Medium                                    :  Dry Powder (Mono Ammonium Phosphate)
  • Coverage Area :                       :   8-10 m2
  • Weight                                      :           1.3 kg
  • Diameter                                  :           152 mm
  • Activation Time                       :           3 – 10 seconds      
  • Warning Audio                        :           100-120 dB
  • Possibility of failure                :               Possibility of failure is zero
  • Life Span                                 :               60 Months
  • Maintenance                           :               No maintenance required
  • Size                                            :               6 inches’ round

Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher Usage

There are two ways of using the ice ball to extinguishing the fire.

Active Use:

Active use of the ice fireball involves throwing the ball into the fire. When the fire breaks out we just need to throw or rolls the ball towards the firebase and let the ice ball fire extinguisher works by itself. This becomes active automatically within 3 seconds. It does not require any manual operation like no need to pull pins or any other part.

Passive Use:

 Passive use involves mounting the ball at the appropriate height. The great advantage of passive use is that can work automatically. If the fire erupts and no one is available at the premises, in this situation this ball will self-activate upon reaching the appropriate temperature and controls the fire. 

How does the Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher Work?

Fire extinguisher ball is a self-activation and when we throw the fire on the fire it automatically burst a cloud of ABC dry chemical powder at 360° and helps in suppressing the fire. It will burst and spread the chemical powder over an area of a 3-meter radius. This ball suppresses the source of oxygen and other substances that can cause ignition and smother the fire.

Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher Features

Iceball has many unique and impressive features. The list of its features are as following:

1.  Quick Activation:

This device will activate in a very short time when the sensors inside the ball come in contact with the flames. The activation time for this fireball is only 3 seconds.

2.  Automatic Activation:

In the absence of humans, this device will automatically activate and control the fire in a very responsive and effective manner.

3Standby Position: 

This firefighting device is on Standby 24 hours 365 days for 60 months. 

4Suitable for All Types of Fires: 

It can extinguish all kinds of fires including Class A, Class B, Class C, Class E, and Class F.

5Maximum Coverage Area:

Ice Ball fire extinguisher is capable of covering more than 100 cubic feet area. Iceball is imported from Canada and has a high-efficiency rate.

6Good Life span:

It can be kept on a shelf or wall-mounted bracket for 60 months.

7Eco Friendly:

This ball is made from CFC free material and does not provide any harm to our environment. It is environment friendly, non-moisture absorption, non-toxic.

8No Maintenance Required:

No inspection, refilling, and maintenance is required for this type of fire safety device. It has a shelf life of 60 months. 

9Easy Accessibility: 

It can be kept on a shelf or a wall-mounted bracket for easy accessibility. 

10. No Special Training Required:

This ball activates automatically thus does not require any special skill or training for its operation.

11. Lightweight:

The fire extinguisher ball is lightweight. Its weight is around 1.3 kg. It can be easily used by women, children, and the elderly.

12. Human Safety:

It is not toxic or threatening to human health because there is no human involvement in the firefighting process. 

13. Alarm:

When the fireball activates, there is a sound alert of around 121 decibels which does not provide any harm to human hearing.

14. Fireball price:

Fire ball price is low as compared to others fire extinguishers. As there are different qualities of fire ball exists, the fire ball price varies depending on it’s quality and companies brand (Ice Ball, elide fire ball, AFO fire ball).
We provide competitive fire ball price in Pakistan.

ICEBALL Is Effective For

A Class Fires:

The fire is caused by solids such as wood, textile, plastic, and rubber.

B Class Fires:

Class B includes the fire which is caused by flammable liquids, solvents, and paints.

C Class Fires:

The Fire is caused by combustible gasses.

Class E Fires:

E Class includes the fire caused by energized electrical equipment.

Class E Fires:

In this class of fire, fire is caused by cooking fats.

Ice Ball Instructions

  1. We need to simply install it in a fire risk zone/equipment and self-activate.  
  2. Iceball fire extinguisher should be installed 10-30 cm above the fire source. 
  3. It must be placed at easily accessible and visible places.
  4. Fix the bracket with the wall and put the ball inside the bracket.
  5. It is supplied with various accessories like a cradle, a pair of wall-brackets, and screws. 

Ice Ball price in Pakistan

Universal Fire Protection Company is one of the well-known suppliers of IceBall Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan, safety equipment in Pakistan. We provide iceball fire extinguishers and other fireballs at the lowest rates across Pakistan. UFP also deal with fire protection, security equipment, and safety equipment, repairing, and maintenance. Besides these, We provide a huge range of fire suppressing equipment to ensure your safety and protection. We provide Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher at very affordable and cheap prices with our best are available on the market. We also provide a modern version of installation and maintenance services.

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