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CO2 3kg Fire Extinguisher

Carbon dioxide (CO2) Fire extinguishers are used for electrical fire risks and are usually the main fire extinguisher type provided in computer server rooms. They are used to extinguish Class B fire. CO2 extinguishers create a barrier to fires by displacing the oxygen the fire needs to burn. These types of fire extinguishers are used at construction sites and server rooms. Carbon dioxide is a clean agent with a fast extinguishing action and is the most effective extinguisher media on live electrical equipment. 3 kg Co2 fire extinguisher is used in modern offices to smother the small level fire. Co2 Fire Extinguishers are available in many different sizes.

There are several CO2 fire extinguisher capacities, including

CO2 2Kg Fire Extinguisher .

CO2 3Kg Fire Extinguisher.

CO2 5Kg Fire Extinguisher.

CO2 7Kg Fire Extinguisher.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity                                  :           3 Kg.

Extinguishing Agent             :           CO2

Operating Temperature      :           -30 to +55

Pressure                                 :           150 bar

Test Pressure                         :           250 bar

Height of cylinder                 :           415±1,5 mm

Cylinder Material                  :           34CrMo4

Expellant                                :          Self

Valve                                       :           Squeeze Grip Type

Range of Discharge              :            4-5m

Duration of Discharge          :            8-13Sec

CO2 3kg Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Immediately following usage or when the extinguishing agent inside the cylinder expires, a Co2 3 kg fire extinguisher needs to be refilled.A Co2 3 kilogramme fire extinguisher needs to be replenished right away or whenever the extinguishing agent inside the cylinder runs out. Refilling of the CO2 fire extinguisher must be done by a credible service providing company.

CO2 3kg Fire Extinguisher Price in Pakistan

There are several CO2 fire extinguisher capacities, including Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt provides Co2 3kg fire extinguisher at very affordable prices. Our uniqueness is that we provide excellent quality products at reasonable prices.

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