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China Walk Through Gate

We offer multi-purpose multi-zone walk through metal detectors. These can be used for weapons detection, passenger screening at airports or train stations, visitor screening at courthouses, federal and provincial buildings, police stations, prisons, military installations, access control in conferences, public buildings, schools, colleges, stadiums and concerts, employee screening at factories, loss prevention (theft control) in different industrial applications as well as screening in hotels and restaurants.


  • LCD display.
  • High precision 8 Zones allow more accurate detection. The indicator light automatically shows the interfering signal from the environment.
  • Each zone can be independently set with 0-99 sensitivity range.
  • System is sensitive enough to detect even clip-sized metal.
  • Intelligent automatic recording of alarm times and number of people passed.
  • With the unique infrared setting, it has strong omission proof and anti-interfering capacity.
  • Cipher Protection prevents malicious config changes by unauthorized people.
  • It is harmless to pacemaker, pregnant woman and magnetic storage media.
  • It is equipped with LED indicator lights as high as human body at both sides of the gatepost.
  • Scan result is clear to understand at a glance.
  • Gate is slip proof, waterproof and damp proof.
  • Passage dimensions: 2000mm x750mm x530mm
  • External dimensions: 2200mmx870mm x530mm
  • Power supply: AC 220V
  • Power: <30 VA
  • Working environment: -20 – 55°C
  • Net weight: 75Kg



  • Accurate Detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed-alloy metal weapons
  • High Discrimination and Throughput
  • Exceptional Immunity to environmental interferences
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Rapid Installation

Accurate Detection

  • Capable of detecting a wide range of threat objects composed of magnetic, non-magnetic metals and mixed alloys
  • Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar
    The HI-PE is a high performance walk-through Multi-Zone Metal Detector which meets all International Security Standards. A “height on person” display actually indicates, by means of illuminated LED’s, the position of the weapon on the person. The HI-PE allows a high level of discrimination between significant metal masses, such as the weapons which are to be detected, and personal metal effects. Exceptional immunity to environmental interferences makes it easy to use even when electrical noise is encountered. The detection capability is independent of the transit speed.

Breakthrough Value

  • Superior CEIA reliability slashes total cost of ownership
    The overall system is characterized by sturdy, reliable electronic and mechanical construction, and ease of installation.

No periodic re-calibration and preventive maintenance required


Model Configuration

Features HI-PE/PZ
2 display bars programmable as zone indicators and/or pacing lights STANDARD
Dual Side 20 localization zones STANDARD
Powered by safe low voltage DC STANDARD
RS-232 communication STANDARD
Password and hardware key access protection STANDARD
Anti-tamper on/off switch STANDARD
Weather resistant protection OPTION
Anti-vandalism, anti-tampering protection OPTION
IP65 protection (includes weather resistant and anti-vandalism options) OPTION
High precision transit counter OPTION
Programmable Random Alarm capability* OPTION
Embedded battery back-up and charger OPTION
Integrated web-server & logger (includes Ethernet and USB interface) OPTION
Long life crossbar battery back-up OPTION
820 mm useful passage width OPTION
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