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1)Australian & New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1221, certified by Global-Mark Pty Ltd.
2)The fire hose reels are capable of rotating in one plane (fixed type)or rotating in more than one plane with mounting on one of the following: swinging arm, swinging pipe or swinging door in the manual and automatic version.
3)The automatic fire hose reels will open fully within 3 revolutions of the reel.
4)The nozzle has SHUT, JET and SPRAY control settings.
5)The minimum flow rate of hose reels in JET and SPRAY setting at 220 kpa pressure; for 13mm nozzle is 0.24 L/S, for 19mm nozzle is 0.45 L/S and for 25mm nozzle is 0.55 L/S.
6)The effective throw range of discharge at 0.2 MPa (2 bar) pressure is 10 meters. in the JET setting.
7)The reel discs are painted RED with printed user instructions.

NAFFCO fire hose reel

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