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20Mar, 2021

What Is Fire Suppression System?

Fire suppression system(FSS) is the equipment used as a firefighting product, during fire blast. The main purpose of this system is to stop the fire from fire damage, there are different varieties of this system i.e. fire sprinkler system. It is important to conduct the inspection of FSS four times in a year. Unfortunately, from last few years’ this system cerate fuel that is dangerous for environment. In this system, components are available to detects the fire by releasing heat, and smoke.

Following are some components use in  system manufacturing:

  • Piping
  • Nozzles
  • Control panel system
  • Heat and smoke detection devices
  • Storage devices
  • Stations for discharge

Gases Used In Fire Suppression System

There are different gases used during the manufacturing of this system as follows:

  • Novec 1230 is a popular type of gas used as a clean agent.
  • FM200 is also use as a clean agent  in which hydrofluorocarbons are used to slow down the fire.
  • Inergen is also work as agent.
  • Co2 gas plays vital role as an agent to stop the burning of fire.

Types Of Suppression System

  • Clean agent : This type of suppression system is very effective. Clean agent fire suppression system includes inert gases and different type of chemicals.
  • Kitchen hood : The aims of kitchen hood suppression system mainly use in fire blast occur while cooking, kitchen hood suppression system is made to remove chemical agent which helps to throw out the fires caused by cooking.
  • Wet chemical  : This system is used to extinguish the fire that occurs mainly used in restaurants. It is in the form of liquid use for the suppressing fire, that liquid chemical cool down the fire immediately. It is most effective chemical substance for against fire blast.
  • Dry chemical:  It is also useful method to suppress the fire that results from the combustible items and electrical items. In dry chemical suppression system, large quantity of dry chemical powder is utilizing that helps to suppress the fire. Most of the large industries use this system.

This system is mainly use in buildings, to protect the expensive equipment from fire damage. it starts work when smoke or heat is detected by the detectors then system is activated to release the fire.

Fire Suppression Clean Agent

Clean agent is component use in this system. Clean agent is gaseous fire extinguishing agent. Chemical or gas is use to suppress the fire during the inspection stage. Clean agent fire suppression system is useful against different class of fires.

Following are the types of clean agent fire suppression system:

  • FM-200 clean agent include inert gases like nitrogen, CO2, etc.
  • Fluid clean agent
  • Inergen clean agent
  • Inert gases

All above are effective clean agent that protects the environment and valuable assets of the public.

Fire Suppression System In Pakistan

universal fire protection is the famous company, providing all kinds of fire equipment in all cities of Pakistan. Like  fire safety system and fire security system, fire alarm system, etc.

 Main components:
  • Appliances
  • Fire alarm panel
  • Manual initiating device
  • Automatic initiating device

Materials Used

Different kinds variety of equipment use for the installation of this system:

  • Ratchets
  • Cylinder assembly
  • Power drill
  • Mounting hardware
  • Tape measure
  • Cylinder bracket
  • Discharge hosing
  • Detection tubing
  • Zip ties
  • Manual release
  • Time delay unit
  • Indication module
  • Switches for automatic shutdown
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