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Security System and Allied Equipment’s Supply

Universal Fire Protection Co (Pvt) Ltd is a cutting-edge supplier of fire security system and allied equipment required for protection of businesses, homes, banks, and government facilities in Pakistan. We continue to provide the most advanced fire security products along with a few basic ones like firefighting vehicles, fire water monitor, fire pump, fire water sprinkler system, CCTV system, metal detectors and walk through gates, electric panel and distribution boxes, security door lock and card reader and many more. Let us serve you with high-quality fire security systems that you can be sure of meeting safety standards. We are locally based and operate with a separate office in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi each help keep your family, office or industry safe. Just order any of the following fire security stems and allied equipment to experience the best level of satisfaction with professional service and affordable pricing.

Our Fire Security System and Allied Equipments

  1. Standalone Finger Print Time Attendance/ Access Control System
    Delivery and installation of digital attendance and access control system many exclusive technical features like function key, work code, 1500 FP, Digital color TEP, 50000 Transaction, USB optional CMOS ID card, show image facility and more.
  2. Security Door Lock / Card Reader
    Security door locks/ Card Reader access control system to catch the intruder with the ability to note 1500/ Person transactions with computer networking connection and showing all records on the monitor.
  3. CCTV System
    CCTV system to record video clippings of all the visitors and tracking their activities with the choice of Day night camera, DOM, IR Cameras, 4/8/16 channels CCTV DVR & PC based DVR with monitor, that come complete with ready-to-install and tested parts.
  4. Fire Water Pump

Diesel or electricity driven fire water pump to feed the main water line for fighting fire with an electric motor of capacity 5 Hp-85 HP.

  1. Fire Fighting Vehicles
    Ready to drive firefighting vehicle complete with custom fabricated and installed accessories on it as per your choice to serve your fire security needs with or without the option of crew cabin in different capacities.
  2. Fire Water Sprinkler
    Supply and installation of fire water sprinkler in different makes and models to serve your fire security and protection needs.
  3. Fire Water Monitor

Delivery and installation of high-pressure fire water monitor provided with single or dual barrel option for extinguishing fire effectively.

  1. Clean Agent (FM 200) Fire Suppression System

Delivery of Ecaro-25, FM 200, CO-2 and Pro Inter gas fire suppression system using Dupont clean agents to safely and quickly suppress the fire erupting in your industry, workplace, and home.

  1. Metal Detectors & Walk Through Gates
    Supply of China & E-SUN USA made metal detectors and walk through gates from many brands for security checking and detection.
  2. Electric Panel and Distribution Boxes
    Delivery of different kind and size of electric panel & distribution boxes with the security camera.

To order any of the above security systems and allied equipment, contact us now. We will respond to your security needs at anywhere in Pakistan!


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