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04Feb, 2021

Safety Items

As we all are aware of the increasing rate of criminal activities in Pakistan. Criminal groups are very much active and are expanding their activities resulting in building a negative impression of our image. The crime rate reduces the quality of economic growth. Our homes, our workplaces, and even our lives are unsafe because of crimes. Our homes, our workplaces are a target for burglary. So, to keep our houses and workplace secure we need safety and security items.

But because of the advancement in technology, there are many devices that can ensure our safety.  Because of technology we can take a deep breath that by taking some measures we can secure our property and our lives from different crimes.
Don’t Become a Victim                                      

Don’t take the risk of becoming the victim of criminal activities. We must think about some solutions for Protecting our family with a security system that can safeguard your most precious valuables, the people you love.

Security items

Security items are devices or tools that provide protection to persons, property, and physical assets from hazards or from actions and events such as crime, fire, accidents, and attacks.

Protection equipment is very much essential for our safety and protection. So everyone must think about installing some security devices in our building.

Some people really bother about security until something happens to them. With technological advancement, there is no reason to avoid the installation of security devices.

Security Items List

Security systems are of very different types, depending on the type of security they provide. Some people need security devices for the security of homes, offices, or some other purposes. Security systems are now becoming automated in sensing and communicating the hazards.

Some of the security items are as following:

Walk Through Gate:

A walk through gate is a product that scans people for security purposes and detects any metal carried into a restricted area. It is a leading-edge technology used in all public and private premises that have high human traffic and requiring their physical check for any metal. The gate is very reliable security equipment that quickly detects any metal carrier person or product. The gate ensures quick detection and checking but reduces the security threat. These gates are compact and lightweight. The gate is widely used because it is easy to install and use. It is portable and can be placed at our desired location and it does not require any maintenance.

When a person enters the gate it scans the person and Walkthrough gates can alarm if the detector, detects the metal (gun, knife, etc.) through kept or hidden with a human body. This detection gate is very much essential for the places that have high-security threat.

It is commonly and widely used in hospitals, offices, banks, schools, universities, airports, factories, and public and private premises, etc.

Metal Detector:

The metal detector is an electronic device that detects metal objects and is best for security purposes. Users use it to find any hidden metal object.  A metal detector is like a handheld stick made of plastic that has detectors inside it to detect the metal. A person needs to hold the metal detector and have to sweep the metal detector over any object and person. The metal detector starts scanning that object or person and If the sensor comes near a piece of metal this is indicated by a needle moving on an indicator or by giving a beep sound. The metal detector meets the exact requirements of the security industry.

Handheld Metal Detector used in security-sensitive areas such as schools, sports complexes, courtrooms, corrections facilities, airport, businesses, clubs, bars, and other public spaces and events.some safety and security items are enlisted and describe below.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television system)Safety Camera System:  

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television system) camera system is one of the most important security monitoring system used for both residential and commercial purposes. It is system that enable the users to keep an eye on what is going in and out of the premises in which it is installed. In case of fire accidents, criminal intrusion, a forcible entry or doubtful behaviour in your commercial building has to be tracked, CCTV camera system can help you with its digital recording option.

The cameras and monitors enable the users to live view what is happening and records all the events in the building. CCTV camera system includes a camera that is usually transmitted to a limited (closed) number of monitors. The camera also has a recording option.in addition to the detection of the crime, CCTV cameras can also prevent danger or losses that may cause in your building. CCTV camera system is mostly used in offices for the protection and security of assets and employees. In homes, a CCTV camera system secures your home from theft even if you are not available at the home. It also saves recordings for future purposes. Most retail shops, government agencies, individual homes, industrial and commercial complexes in Pakistan use this system. 

Access security Control System:

It is a very basic control system that is a means of controlling who enters the building and at what time. The person’s control enters the building until this system grant access. This is a physical access safe and secure control system. It is a very effective system used mostly in banks, universities, and public and private offices. They typically use an identifier such as an access card to authorize people to enter certain areas. And, as they’re capable of logging who accessed where and when they can provide valuable data to help you track how your buildings and sites are being used.

It is used in banks and in the office to record when the employee comes into the office and when they leave the organization. This system grants access to an employee, a contractor, or a visitor and they may be on foot, driving a vehicle, or using another mode of transport. This system enhances the efficiency of the business processes and site or building management.

Time Attendance security system:

Time and attendance is a device that processes tracking work hours. The time and attendance system tracks and monitors when an employee comes to the office and start working and when he finishes working. This system enables the owner of the business to keep a record of employees’ working hours. This safety and security system also records the early arrival, late arrival, breaks, and absenteeism. This safety and security system is useful when estimating the labor cost.


This is an amazing safe and security device Vehicle Search Mirror with Wheels. This equipment has many special characteristics. The owing of the castle wheel design makes it to move the mirrors easily for searching. The mirror is a 12″ convex acrylic mirror, which is high strength shatterproof and has the only half weight of the ordinary size glass mirror. This mirror is bright and not easy to break and can efficiently prevent collision damage to itself.

Besides this Under Vehicle Search Mirror has an adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment and an adjustable torch mount to have the ideal light source, which will bring you a lot of conveniences. Another special aspect is the lightweight adjustable handle, which is with black foam cotton and owns a good grip. And the handle has two types, one type is easy to coordinate and search on the ground, while the other is an ergonomically designed handle and suitable for light raised searching tasks.

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