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ProFyre A4 Addressable Fire Alarm Panel


Product Overview:

The ProFyre A4 is a fully expandable, open protocol analogue addressable control panel which is available in two variants; 1 – 4 loop version. Each loop can accommodate up to 250 devices including detectors, call points, sounders and interfaces. It is supplied with 2 on-board sounder circuits, 1 fault output, 1 fire output, 20 programmable zonal LEDs, and various System LEDs. See ordering information for optional parts such as an on-board printer and 120 zonal display.The  ProFyre A4 Addressable Fire Alarm Panel is a Completely approved by Intertek (Intertek is a multinational inspection, product testing and certification company ) for safe use and installation in any European Union country and bears the CE mark to show that it complies with all the applicable Factors.


Technical Specifications


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