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Photoelectric Smoke Detector


The AS2042, 43 & 44 photoelectric smoke detectors utilizes one bi-colored LED for indication of status. In a normal standby condition, the LED flash Green every 3 seconds. When the detector senses that its sensitivity has drifted outside the UL listed sensitivity window the LED will flash Red every 3 seconds. When the detector senses smoke and goes into alarm the status LED will latch on Red.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector in pakistan


UL Listed.
• Computer-designed non-directional smoke chamber
• 360° view of detector status LED
• Low profile, 2″ high (with base)
• 2 wire base compatibility
• Highly stable operation, RF/Transient protection
• Low standby current, 59μA at 24VDC
• One built-in power/sensitivity supervision/alarm LEDs Avenger Products.

Technical Specifications:

Light Source: GaAIAs Infrared Emitting Diode

Nominal Rated Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC Working Voltage: 8-35 VDC

Maximum Voltage: 42 VDC

Standby Current: 59µA @ 24 VDC

Alarm Current: 150mA max. @ 24 VDC

Air Velocity Range: 0-4000 fpm

Maximum Humidity: 95% RH

Ambient Temperature: 32°F(0°C) – 120°F(49°C)

Case Material: Bone PC/ABS Blend

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