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22Jan, 2021

Personal Protective Equipment

Fire can be deadly, destroying homes, causing deaths, and polluting the air with emissions that provide harm to human health. The fire also releases carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases into the atmosphere. In short, fire can be very dangerous to human health. Read more about Personal protective equipment.

On a yearly basis, millions of people lose their lives and assets just because of fire. There is a number of occupations in which the chances of fire are more. People working in the construction industry, chemical industry, farming, firefighters, divers, cook/grill masters, fire marshals, welders, and all other laborers are at risk of suffering from fire. All these occupations are the most dangerous profession. In addition to the loss of life and assets, the fire breaks out causes employees to contend with smoke and other harmful gases, hot embers and employees may lose their limbs as a result of collapsing buildings. 

Out of these, all these firefighting professions are deadly and threatening. They perform their jobs under stressful time constraints, given that they often have only a few minutes to get occupants safely out of the burning building.

Now the question is; How these employees can save themselves from fire damages?

The answer to this question is ” Personal Protective Equipment”.

Why Personal Protective Equipment:

Personal Protective Equipment protects the employees who are working fire a risk environment. The equipment can protect them from injuries or illness resulting from contact with fire. it is the basic need of the industries where employees are working in intense and harsh environments. It includes a variety of accessories, devices, and garments, such as respirators, turnout gear, gloves, blankets, and gas masks. So, personal protective equipment is essential for the safety and protection of the lives of employees.

Now after discussing the fire-related occupations and the importance of personal protective equipment, the next section will highlight all types of personal protective equipment in detail.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Because working in risky environment cause different types of injuries and for the safety from these injuries we need different kinds of equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment is as follows:

1. Fire Helmet: 

Helmets provide a minimum level of resistance against fire. fire helmets can save the head from fire injuries. Fire helmets are made from durable and heat-resistant material. Heat resistant material saves the head from extreme heat conditions and its durability saves the head from collapsing material. Most construction laborers and firefighters wear fire helmets for their protection. 

2. Fire Protection Gloves:

Fire Protection gloves are essential for fire safety equipment. People who are working in an extreme environment should have fire protection gloves in their pockets for protection of their hands from extreme heat. The material of the gloves is a synthetic material that is a flame resister material and a very good insulator. Firefighting gloves are heavily insulated so that people can safely handle hot objects.

3. Fire Proximity Suit:

This suit protects the employees working in a fire risk environment from extreme temperatures. A fire proximity suit is also known as turnout gear. It contains layers of heat-resistant material called aramids. The suit not only protects people from heat and burns but also keeps the body temperature normal by letting the cools air into the suit and hot air away. It also prevents sweetening inside the suit. There are three main layers to a fire suit: the outer shell, the moisture barrier, and, the last one is the thermal layer. These suits are available in many colors such as silver, yellow, and orange.

4. Fire Safety Shoes:

A safety shoe is a personal protective accessory that ensures foot safety at the workplace. It protects the employees from getting foot injuries because of harsh working conditions. Safety shoes are essential for all types of jobs that require foot protection. Because foot injuries can have a crippling effect on business operations. When employees are injured the employee will not be able to perform their tasks. Some work environments are dangerous and it has been found that people get most of their injuries on their feet.

5. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus:

breathing Apparatus china

A self-contained breathing apparatus is sometimes referred to as a compressed air breathing apparatus. It is the basic part of personal protective equipment. People wear it to inhale the breathable air in the corrosive environment. The berating apparatus contains a mask with a hose connected to a tank filled with breathable air. This tank can provide oxygen to the wearer for at least 30 minutes. Typically, the employees working in the firefighting industry wear this.

6. Fire Goggles:

Fire goggles are a key part of personal protective equipment. The goggles protect the wearer’s eyes from a harsh environment that is caused by fire, heat, smoke, and steam. These goggles reduce eye irritation and improve visual condition. The goggles also ensure lens clarity. 

So this was all about the personal protective equipment. I hope after reading this article you will not have any confusion about the personal protective equipment. 

Buy Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protection is the first and foremost priority of humans. There are different kinds of equipment that are essential for the sake of safety from the fire. But if you are running your own business and then you have to care about the protection of your employees as well. Personal protective equipment is vital to improve your business by taking care of your employees because employees are the key asset of the company. So do care about the security of your employees. 

 The industries where the working condition is tough or risky, the owner of the company must pay attention to safety accessories.

Now the question is where to buy safety accessories?

There are many suppliers of fire safety accessories. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt provides a wide variety of all types of personal protective equipment to all its industrial and government employees. Our uniqueness is good quality products that have some unique features. All our products are long-lasting, heavy-duty, and reliable, so you can use them with full confidence in rough environments. Our strategy is to target all kinds of customers. We offer our products at very affordable prices. 

You want to purchase Personal Protective Equipment of high quality then, you just have to pick up your phone to contact us, after that we will be responsible for your worries. We will ensure your safety.  

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