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Multi-Criteria Detector



The AS2012 Multi-Criteria Sensor Is particularly suited for detecting smoke produced by a wide range of combustibles found In various appllcatlons. Temperature monitoring Is achieved by a thermistor placed for optimum sensitivity. Hochlkl’s unique design allows fast response to flaming fires as well as smoldering fires while minimizing false alarms.

Technical Specifications:

1) Low Profile – 1.8″ high (with base)

2) 2 wire base compatibility, relay bases available

3) 135°F Fixed Temperature heat sensor (Latching)

4) Heat sensor protected by a built-in guard

5) Highly stable operation, RF/Transient protection

6) Low standby current. 451,!A at 24VDC

7) Two built-ln power/sensitivity supervision/alarm LED’s

8) Removable smoke labyrinth for cleaning or replacement

9) Automatic Sensitivity window verification function meets outlined requirements in NFPA 72, Chapter 2 & 7, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

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