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30May, 2017

Halotron Fire Extinguishers

halotron fire extinguisher
Halotron 1 is introduced recently as an alternative for Halon 1211 (BCF). This is a clean extinguishing agent and rapidly evaporating liquid. The primary extinguishing principle of Halotron 1 is the absorption and removal of heat from the combustion are. Ready for instant use and simple to operate. Leaves no residue after using.Internal pressure in the cylinder can be monitored by pressure gauge. Trouble and rust free brass valve body with minimal servicing requirements. They are not just a great alternative for Halon 1211 (BCF) but also ready to use and effective fire extinguishers coming in a rust resistance brass valve cylinder without any risk of creating residue after use. Due to their clean extinguishing agent, it is possible to absorb and remove the heat from the combustion area.


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