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Foam 9 Litter Fire Extinguisher

Foam 9l fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguisher. A foam fire extinguisher is one of the powerful and fastest means of extinguishing the flammable liquid fire. A foam fire extinguisher is a very versatile fire extinguisher and is Ideal for multi-risk usage. A foam fire extinguisher is suitable for Class A (ordinary combustible materials) and class B (Flammable liquid) fire. Foam Fire extinguishers effectively knock out the fire and prevent re-ignition. Foam works on solid fires by wetting and cooling the lighting object. Foam has a cooling effect on the fire and cools down the burning substance. 9l Foam Fire extinguisher is normally used in commercial kitchens, hospitals, Clothing & Fabric Industries, Garages, and Workshops. 


1. Easy to maintain.

2. Cost-effective price.

3. Available in stored pressure and cartridge models.

4. Nickel Plated Brass Valve Assembly.

5. Passed 35kv Conductivity Test.

6. Supplied with complete Hanging Bracket.

7. Polyester External Coating.

Technical Specifications of 9 Litter Foam Fire Extinguisher:

Capacity : 9l

Type of Extinguishant : 6% AFFF Foam

Class of Fire : A & B

Type : Stored Pressure

Propellant : Nitrogen

Cylinder Diameter : 183mm

Height : 580mm 

Working Pressure : 15 bar (218 psi)

Test Pressure : 27bar (453 psi)

Temperature Range : -30-+60 degrees

Discharge Time : 38sec 

Overall Length : 660 mm

Overall Width : 190 mm

Throw Range Discharge: 6 – 7m 

Usage Guide:

These are some of the points that should be kept in mind before the extinguisher is discharged.

1. Find Check the pressure gauge of the AFFF foam fire extinguisher. The needle of the pressure gauge of the extinguisher should be in the middle of the green area.

2. The breaking pin should be fixed on the valve lever and the lead seal should be tagged on.

3. Hold upright fire extinguisher valve liver by the right hand and from left-hand open discharge pipe PVC clump and squeeze on bottom of ire, not on flames.

4. Press the lever of the valve of a fire extinguisher by a split thump and spray foam on burning material by using the blanking and smothering method.

5. Attack on fire from wind direction, not from the opposite.

6. Don’t use this fire extinguisher on electric or electronic or gas type fire.


1. Do not use if the pressure indicator enters the red section.

2. Do not use outside the specified temperature range.

3. It should be checked every three months.

4. Any plunger should be checked for free movement, vent holes should be clear and cap threads lightly greased

Buy Foam 9 Litter Fire Extinguisher

The price of a 9L Foam Fire Extinguisher depends on many factors such as the brand of the fire extinguisher or the kind of accessories we are providing with the fire extinguisher.

Universal Fire protection CO Pvt provides Foam fire extinguishers in all sizes at affordable prices. Our good quality products and cheap prices give us a cutting edge in the market. 

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