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Foam 50 Litter Fire Extinguisher

It is a trolley/wheeled foam fire extinguisher. 50l foam fire extinguisher is suitable for class A and class B fires. 50l fire extinguisher is installed in locations where there is danger or risk of flammable liquid or solid combustible fires on a large scale. This size of foam fire extinguisher is used in such as warehouses, the paint industry, large furniture showrooms, CNG/petrol stations, and gas storage units. One of the most important features of a 50l trolley fire extinguisher is that we can move the fire extinguisher to the place of hazard quickly and easily. We provide a 50l trolley fire extinguisher with Wall Hook, pressure gauge, Discharge pipe, Filled, complete in all respects.


The features of the 50l Foam Fire Extinguisher area as following:

1. The cylinder is made of stainless steel.

2. Trolley Foam Fire Extinguisher is used to suppress the fire that is caused by Class A, Class B, and are used for multi-task fire.

3. Trolley Foam Fire Extinguisher is easy to operate and only one person is required to operate it.

4. They are more effective to be used in an industrial environment. Because in factories the fear of fire hazards is more and if the fire disaster happens it requires a large quantity of extinguishing agents to suppress the fire.

Technical Specifications of 50 Litter Foam Fire Extinguisher:

Capacity                                  :           50l

Type of Extinguishant          :           3% AFFF Foam

Class of Fire                          :           A & B

Type                                        :           Stored Pressure

Propellant                               :           Nitrogen

Working Pressure                 :           15 bar (218 psi)

Test Pressure                         :           30bar (453 psi)

Temperature Range              :           5°C to 60°C

Discharge Time                      :           65 – 75s (approx.)

Overall Length                       :           490mm

Overall Width                         :           670mm

Throw Range                          :           6 – 7m (approx.)

Usage Guide:

These are some of the points that should keep in mind before the extinguisher is discharged. 

1. Find Check pressure gauge of the AFFF foam fire extinguisher. The needle of the pressure gauge of the extinguisher should be in the middle of the green area.

2. The breaking pin should be fixed on the valve lever and the lead seal should be tagged on.

3. Hold upright fire extinguisher valve liver by the right hand and from left-hand open discharge pipe PVC clump and squeeze on bottom of the fire, not on flames.

4. Press the lever of the valve of a fire extinguisher by a split thump and spray foam on burning material by using the blanking and smothering method.

5. Attack on fire from wind direction, not from the opposite.

6. Don’t use this fire extinguisher on electric or electronic or gas type fire.


1. Do not use if the pressure indicator enters the red section.

2. Do not use outside the specified temperature range.

Buy Foam 50 Litter Fire Extinguisher

Universal Fire Protection Offers Foam Fire Extinguisher which is more expensive than water, but more versatile. Used for Classes A & B fires. Foam spray extinguishers are not recommended for fires involving electricity but are safer than water if inadvertently sprayed onto live electrical apparatus. Though these are more flexible but costly than water fire extinguishers. You can use them on Class A & B fires but not on fires associated with electricity. They can be safer than water-based varieties if accidentally sprayed onto any operating electrical device.

Universal Fire Production provides a complete range of different kinds of fire extinguishers.

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