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21Jan, 2021

FM 200 Fire Suppression System in Pakistan

Pakistan’s FM 200 Fire Suppression System puts out fires automatically and wirelessly. The equipment might be able to identify a fire before it poses a significant threat to a large area. This system is responsible for protecting high-value assets, processes, and facilities. The system is a cost-effective solution for suppressing the fire because this system uses only a small amount of extinguishing agent to extinguish a fire.

The cylinders of the system are pressurized with nitrogen and waterless gas, upon activation system discharges an FM200 gas which is a mixture of carbon, fluorine, and hydrogen into the protected area as a vapor. The system acted quickly, releasing fire-extinguishing gas in 10 seconds, smothering the flammable materials, liquids, and other substances before they cause serious harm. This quick discharge of extinguishing chemical extinguishes the fire immediately by removing the heat elements.

After extinguishing it does not leave any residue. It is ideal to use in occupied spaces. The system is a cost-effective solution for suppressing the fire because this system uses only a small amount of extinguishing agent to extinguish a fire. When the fire is extinguished quickly, it means fire causes less damage to the property and lives. This system can save the repairing cost of the owner of the business. It is most commonly used to protect the essential assets of the company on which the survival of the company depends.  

FM 200 Agent

Most people don’t are familiar with FM 200 gas. By reading the next section, you will get a basic understanding of FM 200 gas.

FM 200 chemical name is Heptafluoropropane (HFC) 227ea. FM 200 gas is a colorless, odorless gas. It is a clean agent and is a cost-effective option for suppressing fire. FM 200 gas extinguishes a fire by creating a barrier between the combustible material and oxygen. FM 200 is a safe and efficient fire-extinguishing gas. It leaves no residue behind and does not deplete the ozone layer. It can effectively suppress Class A, Class B, and Class E fires. 

FM 200 Cylinder Size

FM 200 Cylinder size depends upon the weight of the extinguishing agent and the size of the building. We provide cylinders in different sizes according to the requirements of our customers.

FM 200 Fire Suppression System Available Sizes:

FM 200 Fire suppression system in Pakistan is available in different sizes

Here is the list of some capacities of the cylinder along with sizes. 

FM 200-Cylinder Specification

The cylinders of the system have many unique characteristics and that is the reason it is widely used worldwide.

Medium                                  :           Cylinder

Extinguishing Agent             :           FM200 Gas

Pressure of the Agent           :           424 psi

Material of Cylinders            :           Steel

Density of gas                         :           621kg/m3

Activation Time                      :           10 seconds

Frequency of Alarm sound  :           120 dB

FM 200 System Working

FM 200 extinguishes the fire by removing or absorbing the heat so that the combustible material cools down. It also prevents re-ignition. During Extinguishing the oxygen level does not fall to the point that is unsafe for human health.

When the system detects or triggers the fire the system discharges the gas through the network of pipes. This gas is a quick fire-extinguishing agent and immediately suppresses the fire. This gas efficiently suppresses the fire in just 10 seconds and saves the building from massive destruction. After extinguishing it does not leave any residual behind. This system disrupts the combustion when the agent changes from a liquid to vapor during discharge and suppresses the fire. 

FM 200 Refilling

Fm 200 System requires refilling immediately after every use. A properly maintained and refiled fire system will take action in a few seconds and extinguish the fire. It works by immediately reacting and diffusing the fire before it has time to do more damage. For the accurate and quick operation of the system, it should be refilled after every use. 

For refilling the system, you need the services of A professional fire protection company. 

Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt provides its services for FM 200 refilling. Because the system operates under extremely high pressure, it can be dangerous for someone who is not properly trained. So, you need a professional fire protection company to refill and recharge your FM-200 system. Licensed fire protection companies can refill your system with the gas used in the system and check for any need for repair or maintenance on your system.

FM 200 System Installation

The installation of the FM 200 system is not as much easy as you think. It is a technical task and you cannot trust anyone for its installation because if the system is not installed accurately it can lead to huge damages. 

You need a professional and credible service-providing company for its installation. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt has a team of highly technical personnel, who can provide installation services for the safety and security of our customers. 

Whiles installation the system following points must be followed:

  • Testing and cleaning of the detectors.
  • Verify shutdown and evacuation circuits.
  • Checking of input and output circuit supervision.
  • Visually inspect agent piping and nozzles.
  • Check hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses.
  • These steps are important to ensure before the system starts its operation. 

FM 200 Fire Suppression System Cost

Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt offers both pre-engineered FM200 fire suppression and also design FM 200 Fire Suppression system according to the specific needs of our customers. We have our own FM200 filling plant based in our head offices in Rawalpindi. We offer a full technical design on FM200 systems and we can provide a quotation within 4 hours of your inquiry.

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