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Firex Water Type Fire Extinguishers

water type fire extinguisher

Firex Water-type of fire extinguisher is one of the most common and most widely used fire extinguishers. They can extinguish Class A fire risk and it uses water to extinguish the fire. Water has a cooling effect causing the fire to cool down and eventually extinguish the fire. Because of the cooling properties of water, a water-type fire extinguisher is widely used. Mostly schools, hospitals, offices, and warehouses require water extinguishers to ensure their safety from fire hazards. Many other official sites also require this kind of extinguisher for safety from fire.

9 Litter Water Type Fire Extinguisher: 

Water type Fire extinguisher is available in 9L capacity.


  1. The body of the cylinder is made from lightweight stainless steel and is painted with UV resistant paint. 
  2. The cylinder can also resist puncture and corrosion.
  3. The material of discharge hoses is UV resistant material. 
  4. Also Supplied with Stainless steel handles and levers.
  5. The brass valve is chrome plated. 
  6. Stainless steel hose retaining clip also comes up with the cylinders.
  7. Contains corrosion inhibiting agent to protect the inside of the cylinder from harsh weather and from damages.
  8. Tags for service maintenance.
  9. Approved to AS/NZS 1841.2


  1. Suitable for Class A fires (paper, wood, textiles). 
  2. If we used it on flammable liquid, energized electrical equipment, and oil fires it can be dangerous.
  3. Firstly we have to extinguish the fire and then the premises require cleaning.

Specifications of 9 Litter Water Type Fire Extinguisher:

Product Code              :           Fxaw

Capacity                      :           9.0l

Fire Rating                   :           3a

Agent                           :           H20 with corrosion inhibiting agent

Operating Pressure     :           690kpa

Discharge Time           :           65sec

Product Dimensions     :           630mm X 180mm

Overall Mass                   :           12.5kg

Mounting Bracket Type :           Wall Hanging

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