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Firex DCP Fire Extinguishers

firex fire extinguishers

DCP fire extinguisher is one of the widely used fire extinguishers and can tackle the fire emergency occur in homes, garages, vehicles, and so on. We can recognize the DCP Fire Extinguisher by the white band around the cylinder. The cylinder releases a powder, extinguishing the fire. Firex fire extinguishers are available in different sizes. 


  • The body of the cylinder can resist dents and corrosion. 
  • The cylinder is made from rugged coated steel and is painted with UV resistant paint. 
  • Discharge hoses are made from UV resistant material. 
  • The brass valve is chrome plated. 
  • Vehicle or wall mounting bracket supplied with 1.0kg, 1.5kg, 2.0kg & 2.5kg sizes.
  • Wall hanging brackets are also supplied with 2.5kg, 4.5kg & 9.0kg sizes
  • Tags for service maintenance are fitted 
  • Approved to AS/NZS 1841.550


  • Organizations or premises that wants to install one type of fire extinguisher for multiple fire hazards.  
  • It can tackle the following types of fire 
  • A Class fire (wood, paper, and textile). 
  • B Class fire (flammable oil, paints, and solvents).
  • E Class Fire (Electrical Fire).

DCP Fire Extingusiher Available Sizes:

Size AgentOperating PressureDischarge Time Product DimensionCylinder ThicknessOverall MassFire RatingMounting Bracket
1KgDry Chemical Powder1000kpa10 sec300mm x 95mm1.0mm2.0kg1a:10b: eVehicle
1.5KgDry Chemical Powder1000kpa10 sec300mm x 95mm1.0mm2.7kg1a:10b: eVehicle
2Kg Dry Chemical Powder1000kpa14 sec390mm x 120mm1.0mm3.4Kg2a:30b: eVehicle
2.5KgDry Chemical Powder1000kpa14 sec390mm x 120mm1.2mm4.2Kg 3a:40b: eVehicle & Wall Hanging
4.5KgDry Chemical Powder1000kpa19sec480mm x 145mm1.5mm7.2kg4a:60b:eWall Hanging
9Kg Dry Chemical Powder1500kpa24sec650mm x 175mm2.0mm14.2kg6a:80b:eWall Hanging

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