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29Dec, 2020

Firefighting Equipment Manufacturer In Pakistan

Fire hazards present a serious threat to the lives and to economic activities in Pakistan. Every year a huge percentage of industries are suffering from fire hazards that result in huge loss of lives and business assets. As a result of fire incidents in different cities, Pakistan has resulted in considerable economic and life losses. Now the question that arises here is that what is the reason for an increasing percentage of fire hazards?

One of the reasons is that people don’t want to invest in installing firefighting equipment. If some offices install the firefighting equipment, then whether the quality of products of the products is not good or there is an installation problem. So, it is essential to consult a renowned firefighting supplier for firefighting equipment.

Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt is a well-known market leader in the firefighting industry. We built our brand name in the market because of our superior quality products. Our company is the most recognized manufacturer of firefighting equipment in Pakistan because we manufacture and deliver leading and competitive fire fighting equipment.

From the last 25 Years, we are continuously striving to bring innovative firefighting solutions. We provide quality customer service to all our clients, and to provide tools and equipment for saving lives, so we are trying to provide quality firefighting equipment that can enhance the satisfaction of our customers.

Universal Fire Protection design and develops equipment and system that ensure your safety from the fire. Our products will help you perform your job safely and efficiently. No matter what kind of business you are running, Universal Fire Protection will provide you with a customized firefighting solution according to your need. We provide complete and unique products that can help you meet the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Manufacturing Cycle

Our company has a proper control system for product manufacturing. The manufacturing cycle includes Designing, Transformation, Assembly, Testing, Storing, and delivery. Our product is a result of strong collaboration between the technical team and sales staff. Because sales staff knows the need of our customer and our technical team specializes in designing the product that matches the customer’s demand.

Technical Team

Technical staff plays an important role in product manufacturing. Our technical team includes 10 highly skilled-engineers. These engineers work in the product development department and they are working continuously to bring an innovative product model to the market.

Sales Staff

Our sales staff play a pivotal role in business success and the company’s reputation in the market. Because the sale staff has an interaction with the customer and understand the needs of the customers. The sales department communicates the market trend to our technical staff and ensures that our products are up to the market.

Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturer in Karachi

We have our sub manufacturing unit in Karachi. Our technical staff design products according to the need of the people of Sindh. Because the customers need may vary from region to region so for this purpose we have our manufacturing units in different cities. We have completed huge number of projects in Karachi, so this gives us competitive edge in the market of Karachi. Our mega projects in Karachi includes:

  1. State Bank Karachi : Fire Alarm System
  2. Pak Telecommunication : Fire Alarm System
  3. Serine Hotel Kara : Sprinkler System
  4. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority : Fire Hydrant system.

Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturer in Lahore

We also have a manufacturing unit in Lahore to target the exact need of our customer in Lahore. We also completed many mega projects in Lahore. The list of our completed projects in Lahore is as following:

  1. Bank Al Falah Limited Lahore : Fire Alarm System
  2. Serina Textile Mill Lahore : Fire Hose cabinet
  3. Pakistan State Oil Lahore : Fire Hose cabinet
  4. State Life Insurance Company Lahore : Fire extinguishers cabinets
  5. Z.T.B.L Lahore : Fire extinguishers

Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturer in Islamabad

Our manufacturing unit in Islamabad has highly skilled and credible persons because headquarter of our company is in Rawalpindi and all other manufacturing unit follow their pattern. Our firm also completed many projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Main projects rae as following:

  1. Federal Shariat Court : Fire Hose Reels
  2. PM secretariat Islamabad : Fire Hose Cabinet
  3. State Bank Islamabad : Fire Hose Reel
  4. NAB HQ Islamabad : Fire Alarm System

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