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Clean Agent FM200 and CO-2 Fire Suppression Systems Supply

Water based fire suppression systems, also known as sprinklers are used to protect lives and structures But they can cause harm to your expensive machinery, electronics and computers and turn out to be more devastating than the fire breakout itself. It is undesirable as you want to prevent fire and the potential damage without letting it spread anywhere else. Our Clean agent and CO2 fire suppression systems can be used fast and won’t leave any oil, water or other electrical conducive residue to create more damage to valuable assets in your home or office.

Universal Fire Protection Co (Pvt) Ltd is a Pakistan based fire safety equipment supplier offering clean agent fire suppression systems such as FM-200 and industrial CO2 systems for the speedy suppression of fire with reduced scale of damage and mess. We also offer HFC – 125 (Ecaro 25) and ProInert gas fire suppression system for optimal protection against fire and reducing the danger of damage to your high end assets and electronics, the unwanted downtime and business disruption. Our stock includes the following fire suppression systems which you can order online to get delivered at your home or office in Lahore, Karachi or Rawalpindi.

Fire Suppression Systems

  1. HFC-227 EA or FM200 Fire Suppression System – It is a clean agent fire suppression system giving a superior choice to people than the Halon extinguishing system and using Dupont™ FM-200® as the fire suppressing agent to make their vital facilities safe and secure from fire. FM 200 fire suppression system is eco-friendly, safe and fast to use on electrical appliances, Since it creates no mess and doesn’t need any expensive clean-up, your fire protection experience will be pleasant and cost effective. Morever, FM 200 system will discharge in as less as 10 seconds to suppress fire efficiently and quickly with a mix of flame inhibition and cooling
  2. HFC-125 or Ecaro-25 Fire Suppression System – It is a newly developed clean agent fire suppression system using DuPont’s awarded FE-25 as the extinguishing agent to cost-effectively protect your valuable assets including storage rooms, control rooms, telecommunication equipment and more. Due to its eco-safe and electrically non conductive chemical discharges, you can be sure to reduce the risk of fire in little possible time and with little possible disruption.
  3. CO2 Fire Suppression System – It makes a great choice in clean agent fire suppression systems while using clean and low cost CO2 gas as an suppressant for protecting a wide variety of commercial facilities, industrial units and marine ships. Fast, safe and usable for different kinds of fire hazards, the CO2 fire suppression systems never cause damage to your important assets and remain non-conductive for electrical connection. You can depend on their simultaneous and automatic discharge to survive multi-hazard fire.
  4. Pro Inert Gas Fire Suppression System – It is a natural and safe way to suppress a seriously destructive fire. Due to its uniquely designed valve assembly, the Pro Inert agent gets discharged from the fire suppression system within just 60 seconds and at fixed to put out the flame in a less expensive manner and without taking much valuable floor space.

Clean Agent FM200 Fire Suppression System.

HFC-2 Ecaro-25, HFC-227 EA (FM 200)

Pro Inter Gas Fire System Make DuPont USA, Great Leak USA.

Industrial Fire Suppression System

Industrial CO-2 Suppression System Made by Sing Bee, Corporation Singapore.

(FM 200) Fire Suppression System

If you are looking to place an order for any of the above fire suppression systems, contact us now!

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