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24Dec, 2020

Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler or sprinkler head is one of the key components of a fire sprinkler system. The sprinklers detect the fire when the temperature exceeds the predetermined temperature range. When the fire breaks out, fire sprinklers discharge water over the fire to smother it. Fire Sprinklers after activation sprays 15 to 20 gallons per minute.

Sprinklers can effectively react towards the fire hazards and rapidly extinguish the fire. They protect the lives and assets from severe fire damage. They reduce the fire damage by dramatically reducing the heat, smoke, and flames.

The fire sprinklers are used in various spaces, like:

  1. Factories.
  2. Large Commercial Buildings.
  3. Homes.
  4. Small Buildings.
  5. Warehouses.
  6. Chemical Industry.
  7. Museum.
  8. Electronic Industry.

What is the Liquid inside the Fire Sprinklers?

The liquid inside the sprinklers is a mixture of water and either glycerin or alcohol. There is an ampule in the fire sprinklers that contain liquid of different colors because the color of the liquid indicates the temperature range. The colored liquid is for a specific purpose. Additionally, the color enables you to visually inspect the sprinkler head and identify if the ampule is still in good condition.

The temperature ranges and sprinkler color is given below indicate at what temperature range sprinklers you have:

  1. Black – 440° F.
  2. Purple – 360° F.
  3. Blue – 286° F.
  4. Green – 200° F.
  5. Yellow – 174° F.
  6. Red – 155° F.
  7. Orange – 135° F.

How does the Fire Sprinkler Work?

When the fire starts in an environment, the temperature of the air increases rapidly. This hot air rises and reaches the ceiling. Sprinkler head will trigger the hot air thus breaking the ampule containing the liquid. Once the bulb breaks, the ampule will discharge the liquid over the fire, suppressing the fire and preventing it from spreading and re-igniting. Because most fire sprinklers activate automatically where the fire is, a fire can often be stopped and kept to the area it began without activating other automatic sprinklers.

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Types of Fire Sprinklers

There are several types of sprinklers that are used worldwide like:

(1) Automatic Fire Sprinklers:

An automatic fire sprinkler system controls the fire, giving some precious time to people to escape from the fire area and decreases the intensity of fire damage to the valuable assets and lives from heat and smoke. We can use numbers of fire automatic fire sprinklers, but each sprinkler performs its function independently, as the temperature rises above its triggering threshold. It uses a fusible element that can activate at a specific temperature, the element can melt and releases the liquid inside it.

(2) Dry Pipe Sprinklers:

Dry pipe sprinklers include a network of pipes. The pipes contain nitrogen and water is held back by a valve until the system activates. It is best suited to be used in the areas where there is the risk that water will freeze in the pipes. When the sprinkler head activates, the air comes out from the pipe. Because of the rapid drop in air pressure the water will come out from the pipe.

(3) Home Fire Sprinklers:

Home fire sprinklers can reduce the heat, flames, and smoke. Most of the constructors install this type of sprinkler while constructing a new home or house. Home fire sprinkler systems reduce the risk of civilian and firefighter fatalities and injuries, insurance premiums of the homeowners, and property losses. After the sprinklers triggers the fire, they spray a liquid with full pressure over the fire to extinguish it. Only the sprinkler nearest the fire activates. Smoke will not activate the home fire sprinklers. When the sprinkler activates, it will spray 15 to 20 gallons per minute.

(4) Residential Fire Sprinklers:

Residential fire sprinklers use the building’s plumbing pipes. This type of system ensures that in the event of a fire, water will be released through the pipes. They can protect public buildings, commercial offices, and industrial properties. This type of sprinkler includes a flow alarm that sounds an alert when the system activates. If the installer, installs an alarm bell outside the building, then the alert sound can inform neighbors if the owner of the building is not present at the time of the fire.

Fire Sprinklers Installation

These are some of the installation guides that should be followed for the error-free installation of the fire sprinkler:

  1. Piping should not pass over any electrical equipment like switchboards, electric panel, and electric motors. Piping should be kept away from electric equipment for protection purposes. 
  2. Pressure gauges should be placed in an accessible place. It should be placed near the topmost outlet of each standpipe.
  3. The water source should provide enough pressure by the pump to meet the requirement of flow.
  4. The diameter of the main drain should be 2″.
  5. Sprinkles should be close to the water source.
  6. 10-20 gallons of water per minute should be discharged. 
  7. The test points shall not be higher than 6 feet above finished feet with a common drain line. 
  8. The discharged water shall discharge outside of the building onto a dashing block. the could handle full flow for at least 4 minutes. 
  9. Valves should be placed with proper addresses for easy access.  
  10. A full port ball valve shall be at the discharge end of the drain line allowing the drain to be charged to prevent water motion when any modification occurs.

Fire Sprinkler Companies in Pakistan

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Cost of the Fire Sprinkler System

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