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25Mar, 2021

Fire Safety Items In Pakistan

Protect from fire is vital for everyone. Previously there were many incidents about fire damage took place in different places that result massive loose of property and lives.
There are different reasons of fire blast in buildings and houses, and restaurants. These reasons are short circuit, gas leakage and negligence while smoking. In Pakistan there are many commercial buildings, where fire safety equipment are not available. it is the main duty of the law enforcement agencies to enforce law and rules against the building owners to follow strict safety measures in commercial buildings. Also give punishment who are violating safety rules. Training must be provided to persons for safety from fire.

All countries of the world directly affected from fire blast. Developed countries of world also effected from fire blast. Fire fighters play an important role against the fire damage.
we must be thankful for the services given by fire fighters. Fire safety items are very important products use against the fire outbreak. There are various type of fire safety items providing by companies. In the event of fire blast emergency fire fighters protects people from the blast of fire, fire fighters are train people who know how to react and how to use fire equipment.

Awareness about fire damage is very important for everyone but unfortunately people ignore the critical results of fire damage, and not taking safety measures. Beside the fact that fire blast is very dangerous people are not taking care.

Role Of Media For Safety Awareness

Media is one of the leading platform, through which awareness to public against fire blast is provided through shows. But in Pakistan media is not performing that much roll, media should highlight that issue on every channel and provide online training to public for the safety against fire blast. Previous fire blast events should be highlighted again and again that how wand where previous blast was occurred and what were the main reasons of that fire blast. Public should be aware the dangerous results of fire blast.

Fire Safety Inspection

Fire safety inspection is very important and it must be done annual or monthly base inspection. The main aim of inspection is to point out the danger in buildings and in equipment. It should be the duty of law enforcement agencies to send train fire fighters to inspect the hazards in all commercial and noncommercial buildings.

Fire safety items in Pakistan

There are different companies, providing fire safety products. Universal Fire Protection is one of the best companies of Pakistan providing different class of fire safety products like fire extinguisher, fire security camera, fire suppression system, fire hydrant system, fire alarm system, maintenance etc. Universal Fire Protection is providing its items in all cities of Pakistan. Universal Fire protection has three offices in big cities of Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi and in Islamabad.

Following are some class of items provided by UFP company.

  • Fire safety helmet
  • Fire safety glasses
  • Fire safety gloves
  • Fire safety shoes
  • Fire safety jacket
  • Fire safety mask
  • Firefighting clothes
  • Aluminized fire suit
  • Aluminized fire suit China

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