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25Apr, 2017

Fire Safety Equipment & Items Supply in Pakistan

Fire Safety Equipment – Any accidental fire can be dangerous and happen in your home, office or industry. Keeping your employees, family and colleagues secure from the danger of fire is a never easy job. At Universal Fire Protection Co (Pvt) Ltd, we supply a wide range of fire safety items and equipments including safety signs, safety shoes, fire axes, fire hooks, helmets, fire suits, fire blankets, fire buckets and stands and more for protection and safety of everyone in your home or business in Pakistan. Keeping safe from fire in your office or home is crucial and you can be sure that each and every fire safety equipment you have bought from us for fighting fire accidents is certified and safe for use.

From hoods and masks to safety shoes, helmets, and more – you can order anything with Universal Fire Protection Co (Pvt) Ltd which is already serving the local community with a wide range of fire safety items. We are operating with individual branches in three different cities like Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi in order to cater to your fire safety needs for residential, commercial or industrial use fast and easy. You can also go down the list of fire safety equipment to access a full range of fire safety and prevention products, all manufactured to the highest safety standards and tested to keep the user safe and secure. However, there are a few simple measures that you have to follow while looking to be fire safe with our exclusive fire safety items and equipment.

Be sure to have all the basic tools at your reach, including carbon monoxide detectors, batteries, escape ladders, helmet, flashlights, fire suit, blanket and other fire protection products. Early detection of fire is crucial for the safety of everyone at your home or office; we provide many fire security solutions and products required for your home or business in Pakistan. Since no building can be fully fireproof, the fire safety items and equipments at our store are supplied with diligence. Whether you need help with fire detection, protection, monitoring safety signs or more – we have the right products in stock to serve your purpose.

Trust in our tag! Reliable Approach. Unique Value.

At Universal Fire Protection Co (Pvt), we design, install, repair, service and inspect a wide variety of fire suppression and life safety systems. Universal Fire Protection Co (Pvt) supplies portable and fixed systems and compliments these products with inspection, maintenance and certification services.

City Fire Service levels are our mark of excellence in the fire protection industry. With just one phone call or email submission, you will become a part of our process that is centered around the City Fire service pledge: to provide prompt, reliable, courteous service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Our Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Equipment

  1. Helmet
  2. Fire Axe
  3. Fire Blanket
  4. Fire Hook
  5. Fire Extinguisher Filling Equipment
  6. Fire Suit
  7. Blanket

Safty Items In Case of Fire
Contact us to order high quality fire safety equipment of your need and desire. We assure that you will get the best value for price.

Fire Safety Equipment

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