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13Mar, 2021

Fire Prevention

The word fire has a wide scope in our daily live it can be beneficial and dangerous as well. If person will not use it properly in right way it will effect negatively, we can say fire is hazardous thing. Burning of fire through different way. It can burn through chemical oils, daily use products, kitchen items and through different gases. If it will burn negatively it will result in economic loss, and loss of life. We can prevent danger of fire if we will use preventive measures. Fire hazard is crucial and very critical matter of every country especially in developing and under developing countries like Bangladesh Pakistan and India. It is a kind of hazard that can destroy on massive level.


The major incidents took place in Pakistan due to gas leakage and many other reasons like short circuit. Which result a heavy economic loss the major example on 20 December 2008, when fire caught building Ghakar plaza, due to which nearly 500 shapes were damage. it was heavy economic loss of the country. It was six story building and it was constructed initially in 1984.

Other most dangerous incident took place in Karachi in 2012 when a factory burns due to fire. It was heavy losses of individuals working over them hundreds of worker working in that factory it was heavy loss of Pakistan economically.


There are different types of fire which can be divided into 5 classes.

  • A CLASS FIRE –A class fire include solid materials such as wood , paper etc.
  • B CLASS FIRE –It include liquids such as diesel oils petrol etc.
  • C CLASS FIRE – It involves different gases.
  • D CLASS FIRE –It involves different metals.
  • E CLASS FIRE –It involves different electrical items.



Pakistan is a developing country, due to lack of resources and budget government is not concentrating on fire hazard issue, there are many government and private institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals universities and shopping malls where safety against fire equipment did not installed. Specially in restaurants where, there is a chance of high risk of fire unfortunately restaurant owners are not concentrating on measures of fire prevention. Every year many incidents with massive loss of buildings, property and human due to inadequate fire safety precautions in the Pakistan. In Pakistan, a private limited company universal life protection providing its items against fire hazards. It is working in three major cities of Pakistan. UFP is providing a high quality of products for fire protection. Government should concentrate on that critical issue.


Universal fire protection is leading companies of Pakistan, UFP, providing its services in commercial buildings government institutions and private buildings ibn major cities of Pakistan.

Products of universal fire protection include:

Universal fire protection imports these products from USA, China and UK. Brands include Honeywell products Asenware items, C-Tec.

Standards For Fire Preevention
Capital development authority through its board had approved CDA building standards for fire prevention and life safety 2010 .it is very first code subsequently handed over to the director CDA. The Islamabad fire prevention and life safety regulations 2010 are still intact in terms of regulations.


Fire prevention precautions are intended to fight against fire and against hazards of fire. It is very critical matter all authorities must take actions to prevent these kind of disasters. There are many events in Pakistan related to fire hazard, many reasons of these incidents are because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Lectures on public awareness about the importance of fire safety products must be delivered on social media and on private and government channels. Fire safety items needed to install on public and private malls. Also in educational institutions must kept all kind of items related to fire prevention. Basic guidelines on boards must be placed. In Pakistan regulation made on fire safety.


  • All regulatory bodies in Pakistan should enforce law and regulations about fire prevention. Also strict orders and punishments against the violation of using fire safety items must be given.
  • All commercial buildings must place fire safety items in buildings.
  • All educational institutions and hospitals especially hostels must use fire safety products in their buildings.
  • All building owners either public or private must install fire alarm system in the buildings.
  • Call points in every portion of building must install.
  • Fire safety items must be check and maintenance of fire alarm system should be done after three months in a commercial, private and public buildings.
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