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Fire Hose Pipes In Pakistan

emaco fire hose pipe
emaco fire hose pipe

Fire Hose Pipe In Pakistan

A fire hose is an intense hose that brings water and other flame retardant such as to a fire to blow out. It connects either to a fire hydrant or a fire engine. It can be permanently attach to a building stand pipe or plumbing system. The typical working compulsion of a fire hose can range between 8 and 20 bar 802 thousand per 116 and 290psi. While its bursting pressure can be up to 83 bar eight thousand three hundred 1204 psi. After use a fire hose is usually string up to dry because standing water that remains in a hose for a long time can degenerate the material and provide it untrustworthy or impractical. Present-time fire hose uses a variety of natural and manufactured fabrics in their manufacturing. Modern hoses are also older designs and lighter weights and this has helped lowered the physical strain on fire fighters. Various devices are becoming more prevalent that removed the air from the interior of the hose commonly referred to as fire hose vacuum. This process makes hose smaller and somewhat rigid. Thus, allowing more fire hose to be packed or loaded into the same compartment on a firefighting effort.

Types of fire hose pipe:

There are number of types of fire hose pipe but here are the few types of fire hose pipes which we are offering.

  1. Fire Hose(single jacket)
  2. Fire Hose( Double jacket)
  3. BESP Fire Hose

Fire Hose (single jacket):

Its externally Elastomeric coat, All synthetic, EPDM Rubber lined fire hose. Circularly woven jacket coated with specially formulated elastomeric RED coating for protection against abrasion, mild chemicals and heat.

Fire Hose (Double jacket):

Its wrap is made by high vigorous polyester staple, thread or fibre. And weft must be high strength polyester thread with low drawing out. There are special adhesive (liquid or solid) between the hose and the jacket, the hose is highly polished and soft, reduce the flow resistance soft and more thinner, lighter and more appropriate to use High Pressure resistance, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, wear-resisting.

BESP Fire Hose

Fire hoses convey water in an emergency either from open water or pressurized water supply that is an essential part of firefighting equipment. In outdoor, fire hoses connect with a fire hydrant and in indoors they permanently connect with building stand pipe system. A good quality hose must have sufficient flexibility and strong enough to be reliable during use. After operation remaining water in the hose for a long time can deteriorate the hose durability that’s why fire hose should be hung to dry after use.


Models          :               BS001-10, BS001-13, BS001-16, BS001-18, E0112, E0114, E0115

Size                :               65mm, 40/65mm, 65mm, 65mm, 1.5(40), 1.75(45), 2.5(65),

No. of Jackets                       :       Single, double

Jacket Material                    :     Polyester

Lining Material                    :      EPDM, Polyurethane

Service pressure (bar)       : 250 (17), 400 (28)

Proof pressure (bar)          :     800(55), 500(35)

Working pressure (bar)     :   10, 13, 16, 18,

Burst Pressure (bar)          :   25, 30, 48, 51, 1200/84, 750/51


  • Highly flexible and light weight
  • Easy to repair
  • Material tough Woven polyester Fabric
  • Length 30m
  • Color ( WHITE, RED, YELLOW )
  • Excellence resistance to weathering and ozone
  • Inner lining excellent resistance to sea water
  • Maintenance free highly flexible and light weight
  • Resistant against heat, oils, grease, acids, chemicals, alkalis, ozone and fungus.
  • Increase abrasive-resistance of jacket
  • Package :    Rolled or folded, Packed in carton or loaded in pallet.
  • Jacket : 100% Virgin Polyester Jacket, Double Jacket, Till or plain Weave, its wrap is made by high strength polyester staple or filament.


Approvals     :   FM

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