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09Jan, 2021

Fire Fighting Equipment In Karachi

Universal fire protection is providing firefighting equipment, fire safety, and security products across the big cities of Pakistan. Universal Fire Protection is one of the market leaders in the field of Fire & Safety Protection industry in Pakistan. We are not only doing business but also creating awareness among people about fire protection.  We are providing our best services in Fire Fighting Equipment In Karachi. Our team includes highly professional persons who not only design and install the fire safety equipment but also provide their services for the maintenance and repairing of this equipment. 

We also provide a complete package of services for the installation of major firefighting equipment like Fire Alarm System, fire sprinkler system, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Hose Reel System, Fire Detection System. We also provide a wide variety of fire extinguisher which includes Water Type Fire Extinguishers, Foam Type Fire extinguishers, Dry Chemical Powder or DCP, Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers, etc.

Fire is important for all but if it is not managed properly can lead to disaster. The fire should be handle properly because fire is the best servant but a bad master.  Fire needs three components to touch off. These three components are: 


When Oxygen present in air consolidates with combustible fumes radiated by Fuel they make a type of heat at a sub-atomic level. At that point, an ignition source (a match or sparkle, say) can make it combust. Without enough Oxygen, ignition can’t occur. In a contrary manner, if there is excessive Oxygen then the fumes won’t be focused enough to touch off.


Combustion happens when combustible fumes blend in with air (Oxygen) and are ignited by sparkle or fire. Solids emit combustible fumes by being warmed. Certain solids, for example, paper or flour seem to light nearly right away. This is because they emit fumes and arrive at a combustible temperature very quickly. Indeed, fine cleans scattered all around can detonate because they emit fumes and touch off so rapidly it appears to happen right away. Different solids like wood take more time to catch fire since they are thicker thus don’t radiate combustible fumes. Fluids are somewhat unique to solids. They can significantly start a fire. In any case, where solids should be warmed to emit combustible fumes, a few fluids radiate fumes even in a chilly climate.


Fuels can take practically any structure: Solids like wood, texture, elastic, and plastic. Fluids, for example, petroleum, oil, cooking oil, or even nail stain remover. Gases like propane, butane, and ‘flammable gas. Various fuels consume at various rates and with various powers.


Firefighting can be risky and can create a situation that is very threatening to the lives of people. There is a possibility that you will be a fireman battling fires on the cutting edge to help shield your property, and almost certainly, the water and power to your property will be closed off.

Firefighting Supplies in Karachi

There are many types of equipment that can suppress the fire. Firefighting and fire safety and security products that we are providing to you include Fire Alarm System, Smoke Detector, Roadway Safety, Workplace Safety Supplies. We also deal in Fire Alarm System, Fire Hydrant, Electronic Hooter, Sounder, Blinking Flashers, Fire Suppression System, Shoes, Helmets, Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Fighting Gears and Gadgets, Berating Apparatus, Fire Pumps, Fire Extinguishers, Exit Door, Safety Sign, safety Masks. 

Buy Firefighting Equipment

We provide leading and competitive Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Safety Equipment at an industrial level in Karachi, Pakistan. Our first priority is your safety so we provide the best standard safety and security products across Pakistan. Our goal is to provide “Best Quality Products” at “Affordable Price”. We also provide our products at cost-effective prices without compromising the quality. Purchase fire safety and protection equipment from Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt. Feel free to contact us to get the quotation.  

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