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30Jan, 2021

Fire Fighting Equipment Companies in Pakistan

Are you in search of Fire Fighting companies in Pakistan? Don’t worry, I’m here to provide you the best suggestion regarding fire fighting companies in Pakistan, firefighting equipment in Pakistan, fire safety products, and everything related to fire fighting.

There are a lot of firefighting companies, distributors, and dealers that provide fire protection equipment. Universal fire protection is one of the leading fire fighting equipment suppliers in Pakistan. We deal with almost all types of fire fighting equipment in Pakistan. Not only we are a fire fighting equipment supplier in Pakistan, but we also provide fire safety and security products throughout Pakistan. No matter, whether you need a single person or an organization, we are here to provide you the better solutions.

Universal fire protection provides its services and products in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, and all other major cities of Pakistan.

Some of the products/services and their solutions that we deal with in Pakistan are given below.

Fire Fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipment is used to prevent, control and extinguish fires. Our high quality imported fire fighting equipment are used to extinguish fires at homes, offices, factories, laborites, and many other areas. Now we don’t know which type of fire extinguishing device(s) do you need but we are explaining each product and its uses below. If you still need help, feel free to contact us.

 The fire fighting equipment list is given below

Fire Extinguishers:

Fire Extinguishers is one of the wells know fire fighting equipment devices that are used to extinguish fires. There are two main types of fire extinguishers: portable fire extinguishers and fixed fire extinguishers.

Portable fire extinguishers are easily movable. Even a small boy or girl can move from one place to another. They are mostly used to extinguish a fire that occurs in the kitchen, room, office room, small shop, vehicles, and other small areas. Read more about portable fire extinguishers.

Fixed Fire Extinguishers are those fire extinguishers that are used to extinguish fixed on large areas. They can be installed/fixed over Buildings, industries, factories, petrol pumps, and other areas where chances of fire risk are high. Read more about fixed fire extinguishers.

Before you buy a fire extinguisher, you should know fire extinguisher types and also the types of fires as every fire extinguisher has its own properties, characteristics, and usage.

Some of the well knows and mostly usable fire extinguishers are given below

(1) DCP Fire Extinguisher:

DCP (dry chemical powder) fire extinguisher is one of the most commonly used fire extinguishers in the world. It is also referred to as BE, ABC, and ABE fire extinguisher. The dry chemical powder works as a fire extinguisher agent in the DCP fire extinguisher.

It is used to extinguish A class fires, B Class fires, E class fires, and F class fires. The price of the DCP fire extinguishers depends on the weight of the cylinder, the chemical used inside it, and the brand. 

Send Inquiry regarding the price of the DCP fire extinguishers.

(2) Co2 fire extinguisher:

 co2 (carbon dioxide) fire extinguishers do not leave any residue that is why they are used to extinguish B class fires. It works best in fires caused by petrol, oil, and other solvents. It is also used to extinguish fires on electrical equipment. The extinguishing agent used inside it is carbon dioxide gas because it is non-flammable. The pressure of the gas in the cylinder is very high. 

(3) Water Type fire extinguisher:

 As the name shows, water fire extinguishers contain water as an extinguishing agent. It also has a pressure gas that is used to discharge water at high pressure. It is suitable for fires of wood, textile, paper, and other combustible material but keep in mind that it does not work to extinguish fires caused by Electric and oil. Halotron fire extinguisher is the best example of a water-type fire extinguisher. It comes in a fixed fire extinguisher and portable. Many people use water-type fire extinguishers as it’s the cost is low compare to other fire extinguishers. 

(4) Foam Fire Extinguisher:

 It is another important type of fire extinguisher that is suitable for A, B, and C class fires. This fire extinguisher is suitable for liquid fires. Foam fire extinguishers contain foam as an extinguishing agent. . Foam Fire Extinguisher covers the flames with a thick blanket of foam to suppress the flames. The blanket of foam cuts the supply of oxygen and cools down the flames. The water droplets in the foam cool down the burning substance and extinguish the fire. Foam Fire Extinguisher has a cream label.

Fire Alarm System:

The Fire Alarm system is a fire protection device that warns us about an emergency so that we can take action to secure ourselves. It is used to control the fire. A fire alarm system includes several different devices that work together to detect the fire or other combustible material and alert people about the fire through audio and visual signals. A fire alarm system can be activated both automatically or manually. The fire alarm system contains different components such as initiating devices (smoke detectors, heat detectors), notification devices (siren or bell), and control panel (sprinkler systems or other fire extinguisher systems). The fire alarm system is essential for every kind of building such as homes, offices, commercial buildings, or factories.

Read more about fire alarm systems

Fire Suppression System:

A fire suppression system is used to extinguish and control the fire from spreading over a large area.  Fire suppression system includes many protecting components such as detectors, alarm, and extinguishing agent. Fire suppression systems decrease loss through the prompt notification and early detection and control of the fire to reduce the fire damages. The fire suppression system uses chemical, foam, and other types of gases as an extinguishing agent. Fire suppression systems are of different types such as fire sprinklers. 

Fire Hydrant:

 A Fire Hydrant System is firefighting equipment that provides water to the firefighters to extinguish the fire if a fire disaster occurs. Fire Hydrant System is a source of water supply that delivers water with adequate pressure and flow rate through a network of pipes, nozzles, and hydrants throughout the whole building for firefighting purposes. A fire hydrant system consists of a network of pipes connected directly to the main water supply source to provide water to every hydrant outlet during an emergency. Every Hydrant has one or more outlets to which a fire hose may be connected. The fire hydrant system helps out the firefighters in the process of fire suppression. Fire Hydrant System improves or enhances the capacity of firefighters to suppress the fire in the building where it is installed.

Smoke Detectors:

smoke detector is a device that detects smoke or other combustible gases. It is basically an indicator of fire. Smoke detectors alert occupants in the building about the fire and give some time for evacuating the building. It warns people about the fire at its initial stage giving them time to evacuate the building and attempting to extinguish the fire. Smoke detectors warn people about the fire through audio or visual warning signals. Smoke detectors are of two types such as photoelectric smoke detectors and ionization smoke detectors.

Check our smoke detectors

Fire Safety Equipment

 Safety items include a fire safety suit, safety shoes, safety helmet, safety gloves, safety masks, safety kits, first ad box, breathing operates, and all other safety products.

Universal fire protection provides fire safety items at a very low price in Pakistan. All of our products are of high quality and imported. See fire safety items.

Security Equipment

The Security equipment includes CCTV Camera, HD Camera, metal detector, walkthrough gate, time attendance, UVI System, Vehicle search mirror, BRK smoke alarm, etc.

Security equipment is the need of every organization as it works as a guard in the absence. Our high-quality security equipment will make your home, office, or organization safe and secure.

Universal fire protection also provides CCTV cameras and other security system installation services at a cheap rate in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi.

Maintenance of Fire Extinguisher Refilling Services

Not only do we provide fire fighting equipment in Pakistan, but we also fire extinguishers refilling services in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. Our refilling services are the best in terms of cost and time. We refile fire extinguishers Within 24 hours.

Installation, Maintenance, and inspection of Fire Alarm System

It is necessary to first check and inspect the area where you want to install a fire alarm system. Most people do mistakes in it and they don’t know how and where to install a fire alarm system. This mistake might increase fire alarm system costs. Universal fire protection has a team of fire alarm system experts that will help you regarding the installation, maintenance, and inspection of the fire alarm system. No matter, where are you, our expert Team is ready to visit, install and inspect the fire alarm system. 

Send us an inquiry.

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