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12Mar, 2021

Firefighting Equipment in Faisalabad

Firefighting equipment is very essential for every kind of organization. In today’s world, we all are surrounded by the material that can cause fire hazards so in this situation every kind of premises must have fire suppressors for the safety of the property and lives of people.

The expert helps professional, who chooses, install, maintain, energizes and in any case performs administration take a shot portable fire extinguishers, pre-designed and designed fire concealment frameworks ought to have essential information about the chemistry of fire. This base information will permit the expert specialist to more readily comprehend the fire risks that they may experience, how different fire smothering specialists, in principle, smother a fire and hence have a superior comprehension of the equipment that they want to introduce/install and maintain.


Effective utilization of fire equipment such as extinguishers, fire concealment frameworks, hose lines, spouts, or apparatus depends on three components being in place simultaneously: 

  • Equipment 
  • Maintenance 
  • Training 

Companies should try to maintain all three sides of the triangle because if any one component is absent or deficient, the triangle and the odds of effective use will be impossible.

If the company has the right equipment but does not check or main it properly then the appropriate utilization of the equipment is deficient. right equipment with full maintenance can provide the best advantage to that company in case of emergency. 

Companies should provide proper training to the staff. It should be the objective of the salesman, the installer, the upkeep expert, and the end-client cooperating to put a total triangle together and keep up the triangle idea however long the danger exists. 

Each proposition, each establishment and all support performed on each fire extinguisher or fire stifling framework ought to endeavor to finish and look after this triangle idea.

Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt is providing a vast variety of fire protection, fire safety, and security products, fire fighting equipment available in Faisalabad. We are one of the few suppliers of fire protection products across different areas of Faisalabad. We not only provide different fire safety equipment but also provide services for proper installation of the equipment. We also provide services for maintenance. If you purchase fire extinguishers, then we also provide our services for the refilling of the extinguisher. Our team gives a reminder call to our customer for the refilling of the extinguishers. 

Here is the list of some fire fighting equipment available in Faisalabad

Firefighting Equipment

  • Fire Alarm System.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • A fire sprinkler system.
  • Fire Hydrant System.
  • Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Fire Extinguisher Ball.
  • Fire Exit Door.
  • Fire Blanket.
  • Firefighting Pump.

Fire Safety Accessories

  • Firefighting suit.
  • Firefighting accessories.
  • Breathing Apparatus.
  • Forest fire control.
  • Lockout tag.

Security Products

  • Walkthrough gate.
  • Metal detector.
  • CCTV system.
  • Vehicle Search mirror.

Maintenance Services

  • CCTV Maintenance.
  • Fire Extinguishers Maintenance.
  • Fire Alarms Maintenance. 

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