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22Mar, 2022

Fire Extinguishers In Lahore

What is Fire Extinguisher?

Fire Extinguisher is an active fire protection device. A fire extinguisher is a portable device that can efficiently control fires. A fire extinguisher is basically an apparatus that consists of a pressure agent with an agent that can extinguish the fire. Fire extinguishers act as a blanket over the fire. Fire extinguishers block or dent the access of the oxygen to the fire. It cools down the burning substance and saves people from massive destruction. A fire extinguisher device is essential for the safety of the property and the life of the people. It cannot tackle the fires that have been spread on a massive level that can cause fire explosions.
Every kind of organization must install a fire extinguisher at their workplace to avoid destruction or loss.

Fire Extinguisher Types:

1)      Water Fire Extinguishers

2)      Foam Fire Extinguishers

3)      DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) Fire Extinguishers

4)      Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishers

5)      Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

best fire extinguisher
Best fire extinguisher

Best Fire Extinguisher:

CO2 is a clean and non-flammable gas and is considered the best fire extinguishing agent. It can effectively tackle the fire caused by oil, petrol, solvents, etc. The Co2 Fire Extinguisher can also tackle electrical fires which is the most dangerous type of fire. It is best because it stops the influence of oxygen and decreases the oxygen present in that fire which leads to the fallout of fire.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher?

It is very crucial to know how to use a fire extinguisher before installing a fire extinguisher device in your workplace. Before installing a fire extinguisher in your workplace it is the responsibility of the employer to educate or guide their employees about the usage of the fire extinguishers. The employers must practically provide training to the employees. The employer must arrange training sessions in which the trainer can provide a demonstration about the usage of the fire extinguisher before the employer assign the duties to the employees.

How to use a Fire Extinguisher

P.A.S.S Technique:

P.A.S.S technique includes the following steps to extinguish the fire.

1. Pull

First of all the operator has to pull the pin to remove the tamper seal.

2. Aim 

Aim low, point the nozzle of the extinguisher at the firebase.

3. Squeeze

Squeeze the handle for the extinguisher agent to come out.

4. Sweep

At the base of the fire sweep from side to side until the fire cools down.

Classes of Fire: A, B, C, D, E, F

Fire extinguishers are designed to tackle specific types of fire. There are six different classes of fire.

  • Class A – fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.
  • B Class – fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils.
  • The Class C – fires involving gases.
  • Class D- fires involving metals.
  • E Class – fires involving live electrical apparatus.
  • Class F – fires involving cooking oils such as in deep-fat fryers.

Fire Extinguisher Price in Lahore:

When you wanted to buy the extinguishers the question is where to buy them. They are easily available across major cities of Pakistan. You can purchase different kinds of the extinguishers at the best prices from the major cities of Pakistan.

Universal Fire Protection Co Pvt Ltd is providing the best quality fire extinguisher in Lahore at very cost-effective prices.  If you want to purchase, feel free to contact us to get the quotation.

Fire Extinguisher Dealers and Suppliers in Lahore:

Universal Fire Protection Co Pvt Ltd is the best firefighting equipment supplier and service Provider Company in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.

If you want to purchase a fire extinguisher at affordable prices then you must choose the right firefighting equipment company, manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers.

Universal Fire Protection Co Pvt Ltd is one of the market leaders because of its excellent quality firefighting equipment suppliers in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore Pakistan. We provide a wide range of fire extinguishers in different sizes at cheap prices across Pakistan.

Purchase Fire Extinguishers today from Universal Fire Protection Co Pvt Ltd Feel free to contact us. We provide products at your doorsteps.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Refilling Services in Lahore:

fire extinguisher refilling and maintenance in lahore
Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Universal fire Protection Co Pvt Ltd has a team of highly professional and technical persons who not only design and provide the best quality firefighting equipment but also provide a complete package of services for the maintenance and repairing of equipment.

Our Company is one of the well-known firefighting equipment company in Pakistan which also provide repairing and maintenance of Fire Alarm System, Fire extinguishers, Hose Reels and Hose Boxes, sirens for alarming fixed automatic extinguishing system and refilling of all types of fire extinguishers.

Other Fire Safety Products:

fire safety products in lahore

Universal Fire Protection Co Pvt Ltd provides all kinds of Fire Safety Equipment in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore & other cities of Pakistan. Our products include:

  1. Fire Extinguishers,
  2. Fire Alarm System,
  3. C.C.T.V System,
  4. Emergency lights,
  5. Exit Signs,
  6. Fire Cabinet,
  7. Hose reel,
  8. Hydrant System,
  9. Nozzles,
  10. Fire Suits,
  11. Personal Protective Equipment,
  12. Foam Concentrates and Foam making Equipment,
  13. Fixed Installation system of Co-2 Foam,
  14. FM200 and Dry Chemical Powder System,
  15. Civil defence Appliances
  16. We also deal with HOCHIKI, C-Tec, GENT Fire Alarm System.

Our company imports these products from the USA, China, and the U.K. We also provide services to repair all these systems such as Honeywell, asenware, Menware, C-Tec, etc. We provide prompt services and prices at the most competitive rates.

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