25Mar, 2021

Fire Extinguisher Types and Uses

Fire damage is a critical topic of our society it is global issue, it can destroy properties on massive level. Unfortunately most of the societies are not concentrating on that critical matter. Fire Extinguisher can be used in the area where the chances of fire damages are high. Read this article to know more about fire extinguishers, types of fire extinguishers and uses of fire extinguisher.

What Is Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguisher is special type of chemical in shape of powder, foam and gas. Main purpose of fire extinguisher is to stop fire or extinguish the fire damage.
Fire extinguisher is available in trolley mounted cylinder or in shape of portable cylinder.

Fire Extinguisher Types

There are following different types of fire extinguisher

Dry chemical fire extinguishers
Dry chemical powder is special type of chemical in powder form that is use to extinguish the fire. it is also known as ABC extinguishers because it is use to extinguish A class, B class and C class fires. Dry chemical powder should be use in wide areas or in wide buildings.

Wet chemical fire extinguisher
This type fire is extinguisher in wet chemical form that is used to extinguish the fire of class A and F. These are the fire result by burning of oil and fat. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are mostly used in restaurants and small home kitchen.

CO2 fire extinguisher
CO2 fire extinguisher is another useful fire extinguishing agent used for the extinguishing the fire caused by flammable items like liquids and electrical fires.it is available in different amount.

Foam based fire extinguisher
Foam based fire extinguisher is good for specially A class fire and B class fire. These fire cause by burning of gasoline, liquids and combustible items like wood etc.

Water fire extinguisher
This type of fire extinguisher is commonly use against A class fires. Water is common agent in water extinguisher. Most of the public buildings like school, commercial buildings restaurants need water fire extinguisher.

How To Use Fire Extinguisher?

Special training must be given for the usage of fire extinguisher. Use extinguisher carefully to avoid danger.

Following are the steps while using fire extinguishers:

  • Firstly, you need to pull the pin of fire extinguisher; this will help you to break the tamper seal.
  • Second thing is to pointing the extinguisher nozzle called hose or horn at the base of the fire.
  • Third important is to be done is that, squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent.
  • Fourth thing is to sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until it the fire.

Fire Extinguisher In Pakistan

In Pakistan well known private limited company called Universal Fire Protection is dealing with the firefighting equipment like fire extinguishers, fire safety items, fire security items maintenance etc. UFP is providing its products in all cities of Pakistan.
Following are the class of brand fire extinguisher which, UFP is providing.

NAFFCO fire extinguishers include dry chemical powder, foam type fire extinguisher, clean agent fire extinguisher, wet chemical fire extinguisher in different in different amounts.
FIREX fire extinguisher include ABC fire extinguisher, CO2 fire extinguisher, water fire extinguisher, wet chemical fire extinguisher and foam type fire extinguisher.
CHINESE fire extinguisher include, DCP fire extinguisher, CO2 fire extinguisher, Halotron fire extinguisher in different sizes.

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