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21Jan, 2021

Fire Cylinders

Do you have any fire safety equipment in your commercial building?

If not, then read the following article to understand how must essential it is.

Having sufficient firefighting equipment within a commercial building is very essential for the health and safety of staff and visitors.

According to a survey, the facts show that approximately 70% of the fire Fire Cylinders incidents do not require the services of the fire brigade because the installed or other firefighting equipment can handle the fire immediately. 

The most commonly used firefighting equipment is a fire cylinder also known as a fire extinguisher and sometimes people search it as Aag bujhane wala cylinder”.

Fire cylinders are important as they are the most commonly used fire protection device. Most of the time they are the first line of defense and often contain or extinguish a fire, which minimizes fire damages.

Now let us take you towards that section of the article that highlights some basic concepts about the fire cylinder. 

A fire cylinder is a portable or wheeled device usually filled with water or other fire extinguishing agent. The cylinder includes different chemicals (water, powder, foam, or gas) at high pressure that can knock out the fire. When the fire breaks out the fire cylinder discharges a jet of fire extinguishing agent for controlling and suppressing the fire. 

Fire Cylinder Types

Fire Cylinders are of different types because there are various types of fires. Different types of fire extinguishers contain different types of extinguishing agents that can smother only some specific fire types. 

What type of fire extinguisher a building needs to install depends upon the type of fire that can breaks out in the building?

The general types of fire extinguishers are as following:

1. ABC/DCP Cylinder:

The extinguishing agent is mono ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate powder. It can discharge the agent within 13 seconds. The classes of fire it can extinguish include classes A, B, C, and E. It is also a very versatile fire extinguisher that can work on different classes of fire (class A, B, E). The most commonly sued fire extinguisher is the DCP fire extinguisher. It can quickly and efficiently knock out the fire. It is also known as BE or ABE fire quencher.

This kind of fire extinguisher is highly effective and due to its versatile nature it can be used in various places such as:

  • Mechanical Rooms.
  • Laboratories.
  • Offices.
  • Universities.
  • Chemical Storage area.
  • Commercial Kitchen.
  • Fire Rooms. 
  • Computer rooms. 

2. CO2 Fire Cylinder:

CO2 fire extinguishers are filled with pure carbon dioxide gas under extreme pressure which is a clean extinguishant, leaving no residue. We can identify the CO2 fire extinguisher by its black band around the cylinder. Carbon dioxide (CO2) Fire extinguishers are ideal for electrical fire risks so, it is the main fire extinguisher type provided in computer server rooms. They can also extinguish Class B fire. CO2 extinguishers suffocate the fire by creating a barrier between the fire and the oxygen. 

It does not leave any residue behind so it is ideal for offices and workshops where chances of electrical fire are more. They are also useable on Construction sites.  

3. Wet Chemical Cylinder: 

A wet chemical fire extinguisher is a new technology that extinguishes fire efficiently. The fire cylinders contain potassium solution that cools down the flame and lowers the temperature and therefore prevents further spreading. We can recognize wet chemical fire extinguishers by their yellow label. 

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are suitable for Class F fires (Cooking oil fire,deep fat fryers). Wet chemical fire cylinders can also extinguish Class A and Class B fire. 

When the fire breaks out it sprays the mist of potassium that reacts with oil and facts and creates a soapy layer on the surface sealing the surface of flames and preventing re-ignition.

They are used in Restaurants, Kitchens, and in commercial cooking premises for use on fats and oils.

4. FM 200 Fire Cylinder:

The FM 200 Fire cylinders are pressurized with nitrogen and waterless gas. The cylinders are filled with FM 200 gas. FM 200 chemical name is Heptafluoropropane (HFC) 227ea. FM 200 gas is a colorless, odorless gas. It is a clean agent and is a cost-effective option for suppressing fire. As FM 200 gas extinguishes a fire by creating a barrier between the combustible material and oxygen, so it is a very effective suppressor. The system took quick action and discharges fire extinguishing gas in 10 seconds and smothers the combustible material, liquids, and other chemicals before they bring about significant damages. This quick discharge of extinguishing chemical extinguish the fire immediately by removing the heat elements. FM 200 is a safe and efficient fire extinguishing gas. It leaves no residue behind and does not deplete the ozone layer. It can effectively suppress Class A, Class B, and Class E fires. 

Fire Cylinders for Cars

If you are having a car, then you must have to carry a fire extinguisher in the car all the time. Fire extinguishers should be readily available in all types of vehicles. Car fire extinguishers are the same as normal fire extinguishers but the only difference is that the car fire extinguisher is more compact so they don’t take up vital space. Car fire cylinders contain Dry chemical powder as an extinguishing agent because dry chemical extinguisher is light enough for easy handling and small enough to easily fit in most vehicles.

For just a small price you can help to save ourselves from costly damages, as well as saving the lives of yourself and your passengers. Fire cylinders for a car should be durable, compact, reliable, and have the ability to put out specific fire types that are common on the road.

One important question that may arise in your mind that what should be the size of the cylinder for the car?

The answer is simple that Generally, 1kg or 1.5kg is most suitable for a car. Because if the extinguisher is too big and heavy it would be difficult for the user to use it in case of a fire emergency. 

The car fire extinguisher also requires refilling after every use as a normal fire extinguisher required. The owner of the car should also pay attention towards the maintenance and service of the fire extinguisher so that the extinguishers can give the best result when needed. 

Fire Cylinder Uses

A fire extinguisher is a very effective and commonly used fire protection device. They are used in a number of places. 

These are as following:

1. Offices:

A fire extinguisher is important to fire safety equipment for offices. All the fire extinguishers are not the same but what type of fire extinguisher you need to secure your workplace from fire depends upon the type of fire you are expecting at your workplace. Office security is important to save your business from costly damages. Fire extinguishers are used in offices to keep your property and your associates safe.   

2. Home Safety:

When it comes to the home safe from fire, the installation of a fire extinguisher is one of the wise decisions a homeowner can take. A huge part of being prepared for an emergency situation is having the proper safety equipment inside of your home. Having a fire extinguisher in your home is essential for the safety of your dear ones. Doing so will also provide you and your family with peace of mind.

The type of fire extinguisher you need for your home depends on the area of your home and the type of fire you are expecting.

3. Commercial Building:

Fire extinguishers are important for commercial buildings including industries, restaurants, and other warehouses. Because Commercial buildings are the storage area for many sensitive materials that can catch fire easily and cause huge damages so, installing fire extinguishers can save us from these damages.

4. Mosque Safety:

Fire extinguishers must be installed in mosques and other religious buildings so that people can offer their prayers safely.

Fire Cylinder Refilling

A fire extinguisher refilling is part of regular maintenance. Refilling of fire extinguishing means refilling the fire extinguishers with the extinguishing agent. For some instances, refilling means emptying the cylinder and then refill it with the agent again. As per rule a fire extinguisher requires refilling when the extinguishing agent expires. Refilling of fire extinguishers involves the mixture of pressurized air and the suitable extinguishing agent. Refilling is required if we haven’t used it or if we used a little amount of the extinguishing agent. A fire extinguisher requires refilling so that we can use it to tackle fire hazards. 

Fire Cylinder Refilling Price

All types of fire extinguishers require refilling. As refilling of the fire extinguisher is a very technical and risky task so, you need a well known and credible service providing company. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt is providing its services across all major cities of Pakistan. We have years of experience in the fire protection field. Our team includes highly skilled and trained professionals who provide their best services for maintenance and refilling of the fire extinguishers to all the major cities of Pakistan.

Fire Cylinder Price

The price of the fire extinguisher depends upon the following factors:

  • Expected Fire Hazards in the building.
  • Covered Area of the building.
  • Type of fire extinguisher.
  • The sizes of the fire extinguisher.

Universal Fire Protection provides a wide variety of fire extinguishers of all sizes at very affordable prices across Pakistan. 

You want to install a fire extinguisher in your building then you just have to Pick you’re your phone to contact us to get the quotation. 

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