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Fire Blanket

Fire Blankets in Pakistan

A fire blanket is a fire safety item that is used to extinguish small fires. It protects the premises from fire hazards.  The fire blanket works by cutting off the oxygen supply to the flames. It is used to prevent small fires from spreading before it causes massive destruction.

The blanket is useful in temperatures as much as 900 degrees. The fire blanket can be wrapped around the body of the person who catches the fire.

In addition to all its uses, it also protects you by avoiding the flames from touching your body. It is one of the rapid and convenient ways of extinguishing the fire by removing the oxygen. Due to its user-friendly feature, it is in use worldwide that even an inexperienced person can use it to smother a fire. Most people use it as a fire extinguisher as the fire blanket price is low compared to other fire fighting equipment.

Some fire-extinguishing liquids can also be added to enhance its efficiency. A fire blanket is made up of a sheet of a flame retardant material that is position over a fireplace to smother it.

These blankets come up in many different sizes. Users can use Small fire blankets in kitchens for protection from the fire. Larger fire blankets, for use in laboratory and business conditions, are made of wool. These blankets are usually stored in a vertical container so they can be easily pulled out and used.


  • Material : Glass Fabric Heat Treated
  • Color : Milky White
  • Weight : 450 Gram
  • Temperature Resistance : 550°C
  • Refilling: No refilling required
  • Thickness : 0.5mm
  • Size : 1.0m × 1.0m
  • Suitable for the type of fire : Class A, Class B

Fire Blanket Use

The hearth blanket needs to place close to the hotspot area. When the fire breaks out the user needs to pick up the fire blanket from the bag with the help of two hanging tails. Then the user has to cover the object which catches the fire with a blanket. The hearth blanket works by reducing off the oxygen delivered to the fire.

A fire breaks out when all the three-element of the fire triangle (heat, fuel, and oxygen) are present. When the blanket cuts off the oxygen from these three elements the fire will be extinguished. You can also use this method when the body catches the fire, a user just has to wrap the body with the blanket and smother the fire.

Fire blankets can be used to extinguish small fires in the home, caravan, boat or garage. They can also be used to wrap around a person whose clothes have caught alight.

Due to their efficient and quick-fire extinguishing features, they are used widely in many places. These places are:

  1. Kitchens.
  2. Homes.
  3. Boats.
  4. Garages.
  5. Laboratories.
  6. Offices.
  7. Clothing fires

Apart from the obvious reasons; that is, putting off fires, fire blankets have many other uses as well.
There can be many situations in your life where these may turn out to be lifesavers.

Below are listed some of the reasons why you should invest in them:

Fire blankets are very easy to use as it requires no former training for use and can be used by anyone, be it an adult or a child.
They can be used to put off fires on people which is not possible through fire extinguishers.
One of its greatest advantages is that it lets you escape fires by wrapping them around your body.
They can be used to put off small household fires quickly and prevent them from spreading in their initial stage only.
A person can easily use it on themselves to put off a fire. It is best to store fire blankets in or adjacent to a kitchen but not too close to a potential hazard for the example above a stove.
They are very affordable, inexpensive, and easy to store.
Fire blankets can be cleaned or washed and reused.

Where to use them?

Fire blankets are a must for every house; one should have at least one kept in their house.
They can be stored in the kitchen where the chances for a fire breaking out are more.

You may place them near exit areas so that they can be used to escape major fires without harming yourself. Make sure that they are easily accessible and not stowed away in cupboards or drawers, making them completely useless when you actually need one immediately.
Also, make sure that each and every member of your house knows where it is kept so that in case of emergencies it can be used efficiently.


Below is the list of some of the unique features because of which everyone should invest in fire blankets, as a precautionary step towards handling fires.

Fast and Easy:

Unlike much other complicated firefighting equipment, a fire blanket is the best option to prevent fire damages. it is a very convenient and rapid firefighting item. Very easy to use because no special skill is required for its usage.

Low Maintenance:

Many firefighting devices require inspection and proper maintenance in order to ensure that the device may not fail during its working. But the hearth blanket does not require any maintenance we just have to mount it in a location where it is easily visible and safe from any damage. we just need to inspect the blanket after every use. 


Some fire safety equipment can tackle only limited classes of fire. But the blanket is very versatile, we can use it to extinguish any kind of fire which are in its initial stage.

Many fire equipment has specialized features in the sense that they can be used only in case of a certain category of fire. But because the way the fire blanket functions is so fundamental and simple, it can be used in case of any category of a fire incident.

Multiple Uses:

The fundamental use of the fire is to smother the fire but it can be used in many different ways. We can use the blanket to control it from spreading and we can also use the blanket to avoid any burn that can occur in case of evacuation. 

Life expectancy:

Hearth blanket is made from very tough material and due to this reason it can last forever. If the blanket is stored properly we can use it over a long period of time. Usually, the life expectancy of the blanket is mentioned over the packing. 

How does a Fire Blanket Work?

A fire blanket is made of two layers of woven fiberglass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film.
Their basic principle is to cut off oxygen supply; which is one of the three elements on which a fire thrives, therefore extinguishing the fire.
But they can only be used to put off small fires from spreading. In case of a large fire; do not attempt to put it out, instead, call the fire department for help.

Fire Blanket Material

It is a highly fire-resistant blanket that resists the flames. This blanket contains two layers of woven fiberglass. The outer layer of the blanket is made up of woven fiberglass fabric and the inner layer is made up of fire retardant film. The hearth blanket is stored in a bag with two visible tails hang outside the packing bag and with the help of these tails the user can pick up the blanket. 

Fire Blankets in Pakistan

A fire blanket is a safety device that is used to extinguish small fires. They are generally used in kitchens where a fire mishap can happen very easily. Therefore, Universal Fire Protection provides Fire Blankets in Pakistan. It is also used for household purposes is made up of fiberglass since it is a lightweight substance.

Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt is one of the best Fire Fighting Equipment suppliers in Pakistan which supplies fire protection, fire safety equipment, and security equipment.

Blankets are designed for maximum personal fire protection. They can be worn in preparation for possible fire eruption. The suits are highly engineered to support the most extreme conditions.

We are the market leader in the industry of fire safety products for the last 25 years. We are providing our services at competitive rates through our expert, skilled and technical staff and the main cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.

Fire Blankets in Rawalpindi:

We are here to provide fire blankets in Pakistan Rawalpindi. We supply our firefighting and safety products including fire blankets and other fire protection equipment throughout Rawalpindi.

Fire Blanket in Karachi:

We are one of the best fire protection equipment suppliers in Karachi Pakistan. We deal with fire protection equipment, alarm systems, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, safety items, security products, and fire blankets in Pakistan Karachi.

Choose Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt for your partner in Industrial protection as we offer a wide range of fire blankets that is cost-effective solutions to cater to all types of requirements.

Fire Blankets in Lahore:

UFP also provides excellent quality fire blankets at affordable prices to its customers in Lahore. 

Fire Blanket Price in Pakistan

Different suppliers of Fire safety products provide various fire blanket prices but our uniqueness is that we can provide fire blankets at very affordable prices without compromising the quality. You can contact us to get a fire blanket price. To get a fire blanket price, send us a Quote.

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