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02Aug, 2018

Fire blanket Price in Pakistan, Specification, Types


You wanna know about fire blanket price in Pakistan, Specification, Service, and types? Well, your choice is wonderful. A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish fires. It contains a sheet of a fire retardant material which is placed over a fire in order to smother it.

Fire blanket Uses:

Small fire blankets mostly used in kitchens to put out the fire caused by overheated oil in cooking, also can be equipped in the cars and ships, warehouses and oil stations etc and around the home are usually made of fiberglass and sometimes kevlar, and they are folded into a quick-release contraption for ease of storage.

Mostly Fire blankets along with fire extinguishers, are fire safety items that can be useful in case of a fire. These nonflammable blankets are helpful in temperatures up to 900 degrees and are useful in smothering fires by not allowing any oxygen to the fire. Due to its simplicity, a fire blanket may be more helpful for someone who is inexperienced with fire extinguishers.

Larger fire blankets use in laboratory and industrial situations, are often made of wool. These blankets are usually mounted in a vertical quick-release container so that they can be easily pulled out and wrapped around a person whose clothes are on fire.

How to Use Fire Blanket:


Fire Blanket uses


Fire blankets are nonflammable safety products that can fight temperatures up to 900 °F (482 °C). They smother small fires by not allowing any oxygen in to fuel the flames. Due to its simplicity, a fire blanket may be more helpful for someone who is inexperienced with fire extinguishers.

Follow Step to save from the fire.

  1. Remove the fire blanket by pulling down sharply on the tabs hanging from the bottom of the package.
  2. Protect your hands
  3. Place the blanket over the fire
  4. Turn off any heat source
  5. Call the fire department

In Details with Infographic Please Check out how to use.

Watch Video

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Fire Blanket Price in Pakistan or How to buy Fire blanket?

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