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29Nov, 2017

Fire Alarm Test Equipment

Solo 365 Detector Tester

Key Features

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  • Slimline design
  • Improved performance at all temperatures
  • Automatic LED torch
  • Minimal smoke wastage
  • Suitable for ASD system testing



The Solo 365 Detector Tester takes everything from customary solo smoke indicator analyzer items and sets it with the most recent innovation while wrapping it in an advanced outline. The 365 Detector Tester is completely consistent with the most recent controls and has been endorsed by overall driving indicator makers. Its slimline configuration makes it reasonable for each establishment and it has enhanced execution at all temperatures.

The Solo 365 Detector Tester utilizes a vicinity sensor to test finders rapidly. Smoke is created through non-pressurized cartridges offering similarity with an extensive variety of locators. Once a locator enters the chamber, the 365 Detector Tester consequently discharges a set measure of smoke to initiate the finder’s caution keeping in mind the end goal to recognize whether it is working viably or not.

And additionally this, the Solo 365 holds a LED status pointer to demonstrate how well your finder performs amid testing and if light levels drop in the encompassing range, the analyzer will consequently enact its LED burn, settling on it the perfect decision for indicator’s situated in dim territories, for example, roof voids.


The Solo 365 Detector Tester is the perfect decision when testing smoke indicators as it creates smoke on request, which means it squanders less smoke and gives numerous tests quicker. The 365 Detector Tester likewise dispenses with the requirement for rehash cautions, gives speedy locator enactment and is appropriate for ASD framework testing.

The Benefits

One of the principle focal points to the Solo 365 is that it has been intended to influence testing quicker to clear to and practically difficult to over apply, bringing about negligible smoke wastage and lower danger of smoke sullying.

Alongside this, the Solo 365 Detector Tester places present day innovation and enhanced execution under the control of clients. Because of its thin and minimal size, with a programmed LED enactment, it is simpler than any time in recent memory to test an extensive variety of locators situated in limited, light-confined regions.

The 365 Detector Tester is likewise the perfect size for capacity and transportation and is good with the largest scope of smoke indicators, giving the adaptability to test each smoke identifier expected to help guard structures from flame.

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