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23Dec, 2020

Fire Alarm System Installation in Pakistan

involves the installation of several devices working together to detect and warn people through the visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies are present.

The basic purpose of the installation of these devices is to make them able to alert individuals through visual and sound machines when different crises are going to create any disaster. These alerts can activate naturally from smoke and heat detectors inside it or likewise activates using a manual alarm system through a manual call point and pull station. Alerts can be either mechanized bells or horns. During the installation of the fire alarm system, the frequency of the sound alert can be set at a different level depending on the size of the building. In the fire alarm system, we install for the small buildings the frequency is set at a lower volume.

Importance of Fire Alarm System Installation

As we are living in an era of advanced technology, we are at risk of fire hazards. A small fire can cause huge damage to the assets and lives of the people. Fire Alarm System has a very important role in avoiding fire hazards. 

Accurate and faultless installation of fire alarm system is very essential for the proper working of the fire alarm system otherwise having a fire alarm system is only the wastage of money and time nothing more than that. 

Installation Guide of Fire Alarm system

For the proper and accurate installation of a fire alarm system firstly, the professional team of the service providing company should visit the premise and identify the fire hazards and then depending on the specific features of the building decide what type of fire alarm is required to prevent the fire hazard. 

Here are some of the key points that must be kept in mind for the faultless installation of a fire alarm system because proper installation, testing, inspection, and maintenance of a fire alarm system can save lives and prevent property damage.

  1. Service providing company should choose Smoke alarms that have the label of the testing laboratory.
  2. We should site Manual Call Points floor landing.
  3. At least two sounder circuits should be wired and a larger number of quieter sounders are preferable. 
  4. Detectors (smoke and heat detectors) are installed within the office and other general areas
  5. All the smoke detectors.
  6. One should install the smoke detectors not less than 25mm, nor more than 600mm below the roof.
  7. The recommended height for the heat detectors is not less than 25mm, nor more than 150mm below the roof. 
  8. Don’t install smoke alarms near windows, and doors.
  9. Never paint smoke alarms. Paint, stickers, or other decorations could keep the alarms from working.
  10. To enhance the protection of all, the smoke and heat detectors must be interconnected. Because of this interconnection, if one detector detects the fire, all the detectors will give sound. 
  11. Fix the Backbox of the fire alarm system to the wall through three mounting holes. 2 circular holes are at the bottom of the box and one keyhole is at the top of the box.  
  12. The cables used for the main wiring should be fire-resistant fire cables.
  13. The panel should be connected to a mains supply by a 3A rated spur to the fuse box with fire-resistant cables. The AC Live (L), Earth (E), and Neutral (N) connections are marked on the power supply cage.
  14. Connect two batteries on the stand by position. Recommended Battery Type is Powersonic 12V, 7 Ah.
  15. Installation of the fire alarm system is not enough, after installation Check that the panel indicates normal operation. If not record any fault indicated in the event log and report the fault to a responsible person.

Fire Alarm Installation Professionals

Universal Fire Protection Company Pvt has a team of professionals and that are serving to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our team of highly professional and technical workers not only designs the best fire alarm but also provide a complete package of services for the installation of the fire alarm system in Pakistan. We have a team of certified fire alarm installers who are properly trained and credible.

Our team gives our customers exceptional quality services at affordable prices to make long-term business relations and sustain the position in this competitive environment.

Fire Alarm Installation Cost

Want to install a fire alarm system at an affordable price, you must choose the right service providing company for installing the fire alarm system. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt is one of the market leaders because of its excellent quality Fire Alarm System services in Pakistan. We provide a variety of addressable and conventional fire alarm systems at cheap prices. We provide our fire alarm system at very reasonable prices to all our commercial, residential, and governmental customers. Our fire alarm system includes manual call points and smoke and heat detectors of well-known laboratories. 

Our services are testing, inspection, and maintenance of the fire alarm systems in Pakistan because our main goal is to protect our customers from fire hazards. We provide our customers with customized products that match the exact need of our customers. 

We always try to follow the current trends of the market and we provide an innovative solution to all our customers and this innovation gives us a competitive edge in the market. We are one of the few suppliers of a fire alarm system in Pakistan. We are providing our services to all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sialkot, Peshawar, Murree, etc.

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