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EF-100 Single Point Gas Alarm


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  • Flammable, Oxygen or Toxic Gases
  • Wall or panel mount
  • Two alarm stages + relays
  • Internal or remote sensor
  • Compact size



A fixed single point alarm unit that meets the requirements for economic and reliable monitoring of gas levels in a wide range of environments, from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing.

Typical monitor locations are – public buildings, boiler plant rooms, swimming pools, water treatment works, H&V control systems, manufacturing and process plants.

Additional Features

  • Low power consumption
  • 4-20mA analogue output
  • Sealed to IP65 rating
  • Extensive fault detection circuitry
  • Delay to alarm options

    Tech Specs:

    Measuring Range

    Combustible Gas – LEL, % Vol, ppm

    Toxic Gas – ppm, % Vol

    Oxygen – % vol – Depletion or Enrichment

    Any 4~20mA input signal


    Digital Display 31/2 Digit

    Power – Green L.E.D.

    Switch on delay power indicator flashing – 45 secs

    Alarms Lo/Hi – Red L.E.Ds

    Fault – Amber L.E.D.

    System Test – Alarm L.E.D.s flashing

    Alarm relay inhibit – Fault L.E.D. on

    Audible Alarm

    Low, High and Fault Alarms

    Power Supply

    230/115v AC 50/60 Hz or 24vDC

    The two voltages may be utilised simultaneously – standby battery

    Power Consumption

    4 watts – full alarm


    Low, High and fault alarm relays -SPCO normally de-energised – energised option

    Low gas alarm relay SPCO normally energised – de-energised option latched or unlatched

    Fault relay SPCO normally de-energised – energised option

    All contacts rated 5A – 230v AC


    Output 24vDC @ 100mA max – auxiliary equipment (non inductive)

    Alarm Settings

    Digital setting (fully adjustable between zero and full scale)

    Delay to alarm options – 10/30 seconds, 10 minutes

    Sensor Inputs

    Bridge type 3 wire detector mv (Catalytic)

    4-20mA (electrochemical / infrared)

    Sensor Cable

    3 core 1.5mm2 screened 1.5km


    Operating temperature -10 to +50˚C

    Storage temperature -10 to 65˚C

    Alarm relay inhibit during calibration

    Sounder Inhibit

    System function test switch

    Dimensions L200mm H 120mm D 58mm

    Weight 0.8 kg

    Protection IP65

    Field Terminals – screw type 2.5mm

    Cable entry – top, bottom, sides, rear

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