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DCP Fire Extinguisher

dcp fire extinguisher

Multipurpose ABE powder is a versatile extinguishant that is used to extinguish Class A (carbonaceous) fires achieved by sealing burning embers, it is also used on Class B (flammable liquid) fires and Class E (electrical) fires. The dry chemical powder is usually a mix of monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate, the former being the active one. The mix between the two agents is usually 40–60%, 60-40%, or 90-10% depending on local standards worldwide.
They are highly effective for electrical hazards. This multi-purpose extinguisher interferes with the combustion process and provides rapid-fire knockdown. They are ideal for mixed fire risk environments and especially suited for protection for liquids, storage of liquid gases, and heating oils used for industry, garages, and workshops.

How does a DCP fire extinguisher work?

The dry chemical powder is used on most classes of fires. Stops the chain reaction by smothering. Pressure is generated by Gas cartridges stored inside the cylinder. Its force will last for 2 minutes and can reach 10 – 15 feet. Extinguishers put out the fire by coating the fuel with a thin layer of dust, separating the fuel from the oxygen in the air. The powder also works to interrupt the chemical reaction of fire, so these extinguishers are extremely effective at putting out the fire.
DCP fire extinguisher has been found to be effective in initially ceasing combustion of oils or fats, however, re-application of additional dry chemicals may be necessary due to the potential for re-flash of oils or fats heated to near or at their flashpoint.
Dry chemical is inappropriate for chlorine or oxidizer fires. The resulting chemical reaction can cause an explosion or a breakdown of the chemicals releasing toxic gases. Water should be used in that case.

What fires can dry chemical powder fire extinguishers be used on?

As has already been mentioned, dry chemical powder fire extinguishers and extremely effective and versatile.

ABE Type:

  • Class A Fires – paper, cardboard, wood, fabrics, people etc.
  • Class B Fires – flammable liquid fires, petrol, diesel, oil etc.
  • Class E Fires – electrical fires, computers, photocopiers, switchboards etc.

BE Type:

  • Class B Fires – flammable liquid fires, petrol, diesel, oil etc.
  • Class E Fires – electrical fires, computers, photocopiers, switchboards etc.
  • Class F Fires – although not included in the rating the BE type is capable of extinguishing cooking oil fires

Both types of dry chemical powder fire extinguishers can be used on flammable gas fires, however, evaluate the situation carefully before doing this, as burning gas eliminates the gas, whereas if the fire is extinguished, the gas can continue to leak, build up and become a potential bomb if the ignition is triggered.


Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers can be used on a variety of different types of fire. So, it’s relatively safer even in tricky circumstances such as electrical fires.

Extremely cost effective compared to other types of fire extinguishers. They come in various sizes and can also be stored easily in normal home/office settings. These powder fire extinguishers are able to cover large areas, thus providing more protection.

Dry Chemical fire extinguishers also act as remarkable heat shields. The discharge of the dry powder acts as a shield against radiated heat. If a large quantity of powder has been released, it also has the ability to shield and protect surrounding objects and structures from the damage of fire.


Cleaning up after use can be a chore because of the mess created by the powders in the process of extinguishing the fire. Visibility can be reduced by a great deal while using this extinguisher. This could hinder in finding the exits and accurately aiming at the fire.

Breathing in the chemicals in these extinguishers for a long period can be dangerous. While these ABE fire extinguishers are versatile, they still have some limitations and will not work against Class C and Class D fires.


The working process of these fire extinguishers is the same as any other extinguishers on the market. You just need to follow the PASS technique.
• Pull the Pin
• Aim it at the fire.
• Squeeze the handle.
• Sweep from side to side.

DCP Fire Extinguisher Price In Pakistan

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