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Cobra-1 Fire Fighting Robot

Fire Fighting & Rescue Robot

This mini robot platform, power pack, remote control, and water cannon.
The mini size of the robot makes it quicker to deploy, easier to access to a limited space of a fire scene, and handier to keep the robot in a fire truck cabinet after use. This robot is mainly used for fire fighting and rescue missions in cities, chemical industries, tunnels, airports, seaports, steel plants, and factory workshops. It has an important significance in improving rescue security and reducing human fire-fighter casualties.

Product Appearance

fire fighting robot appearance

Product Appearance



Fire Fighting:

The rated water flow of the Water Cannon is 30L/s, with a water spout shoot range of over 40m under 0.8MPa water pressure. Real-time communication technology ensures the transmission of data. The human firefighters can operate the robot at 200 meters distance away from the explosive and extremely hazardous fire scene while get the job done.


Detachable Water Cannon:

Detachable Water Cannon The water cannon can be manually bolted on & off in order to amount to other module equipment such as Multi-function Bucket.


Self Cooling:

The additional two sprayers can

provide a water curtain to protect the robot itself from heat radiation.




Light Alarm:

The light alarm system at both sides of the robot can give warning to its surroundings to ensure safety when moving or when starting to move. And also can indicate the robot’s location to operators.




Multi-function Bucket:

Multi-function Bucket (Optional) A multi-function bucket can be mounted on top of the robot to carry around 20Kg of food, water, and other life-saving equipment during the rescue mission. It can also contain counter-weights to add up the robot’s dragging force.




Rescue Cart:

The robot can be equipped with a Rescue Cart to carry oxygen cylinders, fire-fighting hatchets, and break-in tools. water, food, and other materials into the fire scene to save human firefighters’ energy. The robot itself can drag 50Kg materials or carry 20Kg materials




Communication Support:

Repeaters can be mounted on the robot increasing the wireless transmission distance to ensure the fighters or between the fire squad and the command center in case of an emergency.



fire fighting robot full image
fire fighting robot front side
fire fighting robot top side
fire fighting robot back side
fire fighting robot carry rescue equipment
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