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CO2 6 Kg Fire Extinguisher

A 6kg ABC powder, is perfect for garages, warehouses, and loading sites. CO2 fire extinguishers offer superior extinguishing power when compared to other types of extinguishing and are suitable for use on Class B (flammable liquids such as petrol, oils, etc.), fires involving live electrical equipment. Co2 fire extinguisher gives the best result on electrical equipment. As per the needs and requirements of our clients, we are involved in providing a 6 kg Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher. Providing of New Fire Extinguisher CO-2, 06 Kg Carbon Dioxide complete with Wall Hook, Discharge pipe, Filled, complete in all respects.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher is available in different capacities such as
CO2 2Kg Fire Extinguisher.
CO2 3Kg Fire Extinguisher.
CO2 5Kg Fire Extinguisher.
CO2 7Kg Fire Extinguisher.

Technical Specification:

Capacity                                 :           6Kg

Extinguishing Agent               :           CO2

Operating Temperature        :           -25 to +65 °C

Pressure                                   :           174 bar

Test Pressure                          :           250 bar

Discharge Time                      :           13 sec

Cylinder Height                      :           655±6,55 mm

Cylinder Diameter                :           138 ± 1,38 mm

Valve Material                        :           HPb59-1 (Nikel Plated)

Cylinder Material                  :           34CrMo4

Safety Valve                           :           225±22,5 bar

CO2 6Kg Fire Extinguisher Refilling

CO2 fire extinguisher requires refilling after a year or after its use so that it can operate successfully in case of any fire hazards. After the extinguishing agent expires many services providing companies can refill your extinguisher for further operation. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt provides refilling services at affordable prices.   

CO2 6kg Fire Extinguisher Price in Pakistan

Universal Fire Protection Co Pvt provides a complete range of fire extinguishers to its customers at affordable prices without compromising the quality.

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