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CO2 2Kg Fire Extinguisher

CO2 2kg fire extinguisher can efficiently tackle electrical and B class fires. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) includes carbon dioxide gas as a fire extinguishing agent that is the most effective extinguisher media on live electrical equipment. Carbon dioxide gas does not leave any residue behind and does not require cleaning services after the extinguishing process. CO2 gas extinguishes the fire by cutting off the supply of oxygen to the burning substance.

2Kg fire extinguisher is suitable for food preparation areas, offices, shops, plant rooms and it can also be used in combination with other types of fire extinguisher to completely handle multiple fire hazards. 

Technical Specifications:

Capacity                                 :           2Kg

Extinguishing Agent             :           CO2

Operating Temperature       :           -20 to +60 °C

Pressure                                  :           174 bar

Test Pressure                          :           250 bar

Height of cylinder                 :           415±1,5 mm

Cylinder Material                  :           34CrMo4

Dimensions                             :           600 x 170 mm

Total Weight                           :           17.0Kg

Range of Discharge                :            4-5m

Duration of Discharge            :            13Sec

CO2 2Kg Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Co2 extinguisher requires refilling after a year or after its use so that it can operate successfully in case of any fire hazards. After the extinguishing agent expires many services providing companies can refill your extinguisher for further operation. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt provides refilling services at affordable prices.   

CO2 2kg Fire Extinguisher Price in Pakistan

Universal Fire Protection Co Pvt provides a complete range of fire extinguishers to its customers at affordable prices without compromising the quality. 

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