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Multi-Criteria Detector

Multi-Criteria Detector Specifications: 1) Low Profile – 1.8″ high (with base) 2) 2 wire base compatibility, relay bases available 3) 135°F Fixed Temperature heat sensor (Latching) 4) Heat sensor protected by a built-in guard 5) Highly stable operation, RF/Transient protection 6) Low standby current. 451,!A at 24VDC 7) Two built-ln power/sensitivity supervision/alarm LED’s 8) Removable smoke labyrinth for cleaning or replacement 9) Automatic Sensitivity window […]

03Sep, 2018

Smoke detector Price in Pakistan

  The smoke detector detects the smoke to make sure everyone is preventing and alerted in case of a fire emergency and unwanted conditions. The detector is suitable for detecting and preventing the smoke in the room, home, garage, shop, hotel, restaurant, office, school, bank, library, computer house, storehouse and etc. it is very easy to install Easy to install and convenient to use in […]

09Mar, 2018

Optical Smoke Detector

Universal Fire Protection, Optical Smoke Detector uses a state of the art optical chamber combined with an application specific integrated circuit to provide quick and accurate detection of fires.

Addressable Combination Detector (Heat & Smoke)

Asenware AW-D103 is combination heat and smoke detector, it is an intelligent addressable detector, which can be configured with Asenware AW-FP100 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. Each point (devices) can be given specific ID, which allows the panel to continuously monitor specific detector location (point). It reduces the maintenance cost and makes it easier to maintain the system.

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