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22Jan, 2021

Buy Fire Suppression System in Pakistan

If you are a business owner or holding a building, then there are chances that fire may break out and harm your property or your dear one but no need to worry about it. You just have to install a fire suppression system in your building and then just forget about the fire because the fire suppression system can handle any kind of fire emergency. […]

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems does not provide any damage to the equipment and¬†electronic devices of the area where the fire breaks out. It prevents damage after a fire and protects the equipment throughout the extinguishing process. After being put out, it leaves nothing behind.It is the best choice for protecting the area containing electronic equipment from the fire. It […]

17Aug, 2019

AKRONEX 227 Fire Suppression Systems

AKRONEX 227 Fire Suppression Systems: Automatic Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems control the danger that can occur due to fire and protect all the equipment in the protected area without any damage. It allows using various detection methods according to ambient conditions of enclosed volumes. The smoke detector, heat detector, rate of rising heat detector, linear type heat detector, flame detector, or spark detector can […]

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