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20Mar, 2021


Co2 fire extinguisher is mixture of carbon and oxygen. CO2 is used to extinguish the fire blastthat results from liquid, gas and electrical fires and fire caused by petrol. It is dangerous to use ofCo2 extinguisher in small spaces especially in small rooms because CO2 create suffocation insmall areas. Uses Of CO2 Fire Extinguisher CO2 mostly use in those areas, where a large number of […]

Fire Fighting Equipment

WHAT IS FIREFIGHTING? Firefighting is any activity attempted to stop the spread of fire and cools down the fire in vehicles, offices, and homes. Firefighters defeat the fires for the protection of the lives, premises, and environment. Firefighters require very professional and high-level training. But there are many hazards associated with the fire suppressing operation.¬† During the process of fire extinguishing, firemen must carry self-contained […]

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems

AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems AKRONEX Inert Fire Suppression Systems does not provide any damage to the equipment and¬†electronic devices of the area where the fire breaks out. During the extinguishing process, it protects the equipment and minimizes the damage after a fire. During the Extinguishing process, it leaves no residue behind.It is the best choice for protecting the area containing electronic equipment from the […]

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