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Fire Extinguishers Types in 2023

In 2023, fire safety remains a paramount concern across various sectors, from homes and businesses to industrial facilities. The choice of fire extinguisher can make the difference between a minor incident and a devastating fire. As a leader in the fire safety industry, Universal Fire Protection is committed to providing comprehensive information on the best fire extinguishers and their types for 2023. In this guide, […]

20Mar, 2021


Co2 fire extinguisher is mixture of carbon and oxygen. CO2 is used to extinguish the fire blastthat results from liquid, gas and electrical fires and fire caused by petrol. It is dangerous to use ofCo2 extinguisher in small spaces especially in small rooms because CO2 create suffocation insmall areas. Uses Of CO2 Fire Extinguisher CO2 mostly use in those areas, where a large number of […]

10Mar, 2021

Fire Extinguisher Use

We all are aware of the increasing rate of fire disasters because of which millions of people lost their lives and assets. So, it is very crucial to have some basic firefighting equipment for safety from fire. Every kind of building must have a fire extinguisher for fire safety because it is a very effective firefighting device. Fire extinguishers act as a blanket over the […]

Ice Ball|Ball Fire Extinguisher

Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher is a self-activated firefighting device. This is a ball-shaped fire extinguisher. It becomes activate automatically without human assistance when comes in contact with the fire. It gives a warning sound of 100 dB. The extinguishing chemical that this ball contains is dry chemical powder. Its coverage area capability is more than 100 cubic feet. It is used to quencher fires involving solids, cloth, rubber, electricity, […]

Wheeled / Trolley Foam Extinguisher

Model Number: MJPZ100 Agent: RED Item name: 100KG TROLLEY foam fire extinguisher fire fighting equipment Cylinder Color: Red painting Tamper sealing: Plastic in Yellow, Green,Red available Hose: PVC hose with aluminum nozzle Valve: Chrome valve with red handle Belt: PVC belt in 570mm length Safety pin: Stainless steel Working Pressure: 14bar Testing pressure: 27bar

Portable Foam Fire Extinguisher

PRODUCT FEATURES: Portable Foam Fire Extinguisher 1-Squeeze Grip Operation 2-Corrosion Resistant Finish 3-CE Approved 4-Pressure Equipment Directive 5-Easy Gauge Testing 6-High Quality Product 7-Passed 35kv Conductivity Test 8-Complete with Hanging Bracket 9-Polyester External Coating 10-Nickel Plated Brass Valve Assembly

CO2 trolley

1-Easy to use as one person can operate. 2-Supplied with durable chrome-plated valve. 3-Supply complete with safety valve. 4-Supplied with durable wire-braid fire hose and long lasting black horn with lance valve as appropriate that can control discharge to have optimal use of the extinguishing agent. 5-Effective discharge without residue. 6-Provided with welded tubular-steel frame that protects the cylinder body. 7-Assembled complete to tubular-steel frame [...]

Portable CO2

• Portable CO2 Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers • Fires involving equipment such as computers, or generators (‘electrical’ fires) • Fires involving some flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel, and paint (‘class B’ fires) Don’t use for • Cooking fires involving oil and grease, such as chip pan fires (‘class F’ fires) HOW TO IDENTIFY A CO2 FIRE EXTINGUISHER: • BLACK coloured label stating ‘CO2’ • [...]

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance / Refilling

Inspect fire extinguishers at least once a month (more often in severe environments). Fire extinguisher maintenance is important for everyone’s safety. You must ensure that: 1)The extinguisher is not blocked by equipment, coats or other objects that could interfere with access in an emergency. 2)The pressure is at the recommended level. On extinguishers equipped with a gauge (such as that shown on the right), the needle should [...]
17Aug, 2019

AKRONEX Kitchen Fire Suppression System

AKRONEX Kitchen Fire Suppression System: The modern commercial kitchens serve up a host of fire hazards due to the accumulation of flammable grease on kitchen equipment and high temperature in the environment. Ventilating systems deposit grease from cooking vapours throughout the hood, filters, and ducts. Electric power and gas services increase the risk of fire and, thus, should be switched off before beginning fire. Akronex’s […]

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