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Multi-Criteria Detector

  PRODUCT OVERVIEW The AS2012 Multi-Criteria Sensor Is particularly suited for detecting smoke produced by a wide range of combustibles found In various appllcatlons. Temperature monitoring Is achieved by a thermistor placed for optimum sensitivity. Hochlkl’s unique design allows fast response to flaming fires as well as smoldering fires while minimizing false alarms. Technical Specifications: 1) Low Profile – 1.8″ high (with base) 2) 2 […]

Fixed Tempature Heat Detectors

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The AS2020 & AS2021 fixed temperature / rate-of-rise heat detector are suited for installation where high heat output fires are expected or in areas where ambient conditions would not allow use of other detection methods. Heat detectors are intended for protection of property. Do not rely on heat detectors for life safety protection. Where life safety is a concern, smoke detectors must also […]

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The AS2042, 43 & 44 photoelectric smoke detectors utilizes one bi-colored LED for indication of status. In a normal standby condition, the LED flash Green every 3 seconds. When the detector senses that its sensitivity has drifted outside the UL listed sensitivity window the LED will flash Red every 3 seconds. When the detector senses smoke and goes into alarm the status LED […]

Conventional Pull Stations

PRODUCT OVERVIEW Each model is constructed of a solid die cast housing and comes in glossy red. The back switch plate is plated steel. The electrical switch is rated for 10 Amps @ 120VDC normally open contact rating. All models are connected via terminal block connections STANDARD FEATURES 1)Metal Construction Enclosed switch with glass rod (included) 2)10 Amps@ 120 VAC 3)Available in Single and Dual […]

Releasing Fire Control Panels

Product Overview Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment and with UL and FM approvals, the Supreme XT releasing panel offers outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed firefighting installations. With three detection zones as standard, release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) any two from [...]

Conventional Fire Control Panels

 Technical Specifications: Size: 14.5”W x 12.2”H x 4.25”D Construction: 18AWG mild steel Finish: Epoxy powder coated Color : Red (optional gray). Supply Voltage: 115V AC or 230V AC Mains Supply fuse: 5 Amp 250V 20mm Power supply DC rating: 24V 5 Amps Operating temperature: 23°F to 122°F Operating humidity: <95% (non-condensing)


PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Avenger System Series 24VDC offers tamperproof field selectable candela options of 15, 30, 60, 75, and 110 candelas. The Avenger System Series horn offers a continuous or synch able temporal three in 2400Hz and mechanical tone, a chime and whoop tone. All tones are easy for the professional to change in the field by using switches. STANDARD FEATURES 1)FM Approved, UL 464, […]

AMS series Addressable Pull Station

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The AMS series of addressable manual pull stations provide a fast and practical means of manually initiating a fire alarm signal. Both single action and dual action manual pull stations are available. Resetting of the pull station requires either a Cat 30 key or a 1 /8″ hex key (depending upon the model used).The AMS series is electronically addressable and includes a bi-colored […]

Analog Addressable Detector 2

Product Overview The AS2011 Photoelectric Smoke Sensor is particularly suited to detecting optically dense smoke typical of fires involving materials such as soft furnishings, plastic, foam or other similar materials which tend to smolder and produce large vlslble smoke parlkles. Avenger Sys12ms’s unlquedeslgn allows fast response to flaming fires as well as smoldering fires while preventing false alarms. STANDARD FEATURES 1)Low Profile – Only 2.cr [...]
29Jul, 2019

Analog Addressable Detector

Product Overview The AS2010 incorporates a highly linear thermistor circuit. The specially designed cover protects the thermistor while allowing maximum air flow. The thermistor circuit produces a voltage proportional to the temperature; this information is transmitted to the control panel as a dlgltal value. When the ambient temperature exceeds a preprogrammed threshold (fixed temp or rate of rise), the sensor transmits an lnte1n.1pt to the [...]
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